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DE Questions

I’ve got a few questions regarding DE days. How fatigued should I feel during the DE sets for either bench press or squats? Also, I completed my first DE bench press day. After the 8 sets of 3 you are suppose to work up to your max. Well I just went with it and it turned into a ME workout after my DE sets. Are you suppose to jump right to your max? or work up to it? When doing DE work on either bench press or squat how should you do the eccentric portion of the lift? Should you pause at the bottom of the press or squat?

Another question regarding board presses. You are suppose to rotate the ME lifts after about 3 weeks. How is the board press that different from say a floor press? Is that change enough to keep your body from burnout? Finally, can someone explain the proper use of board presses, I know its pretty simple but how should they be used? Use enough boards to start just below your sticking point or what? Is a jump from 1 board press to 3 board press enough to ward off burnout?

Thanks for any replys

The difference between a floor press and a board press is huge.

A floor press is below you bench 1rm, a board press is an overload. This is due tot he forced longer pause and the inability to use your feet.

Ive never personally done any ME work after DE work, or even heard of this suggested before.

3 week rotations is for beginners. Most people change to a 1-2 week max effort rotation. Typically I like to change it quite a bit, from floor press to say, dumbell presses, to a board press, to an overhead press, back to board press etc…

hope this helps.