DE Questions

Im getting ready to start my second round of Westside, and have some questions about DE work.

****My goals are increase max one hand DB snatch, and Max deadlift, as well as total body development.

1.)I was thinking that since deadlifts dont have as much of a stretch reflex as squats, my DE work should focus on speed with mainly just a concentric motion. Is this a good idea. I was thinking some form of box jumps starting from a seated position.

2.) I cant really figure out what to do for Snatch. Isn’t snatch such a dynamic movement already that its unlikely further DE will help? Last time around I did some explosive resistance band high pulls, but im not sure about them.

3.) If i do something similar to the seated jump mentioned above, is this a good progression?

1-seated jump squat
2-seated box jump
3-seated box jump w/weight

Thats all my questions for now, any other info is greatly appreciated?

Box squat for DE helped my deadlift alot. The pause on the box breaks the eccentric concentric chain, so they actually do a lot to help starting strength.

As far as one arm snatch??? who knows, your gonna have to experiment there. I would guess that it would be best trained on DE day and try to figure out some other movements that would strengthen the same muscle groups involved, and use those on your ME day.
Really I got no clue though, I’m very curious, why the one arm snatch?

What exactly are you training for where you are worried about your one-armed snatch?

Strength, endurance, etc.

Its an easy exercise to learn, and im able to do it in a commercial gym. Im not competing in anything so I dont have to stick to the competition lifts. Also, im pretty good at it, so I figure I should work on what im good at.

You’d probably be better working on what you suck at and hate doing!!

[quote]Hanley wrote:
You’d probably be better working on what you suck at and hate doing!![/quote]

x2. Focus more on what your not good at and everything will get better.

Ya, i think it is good to improve your weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean base your entire goals and training on your weaknesses. Especially since im not training to for a specific sport, and enjoy the movement.

Dumbell snatches IMO are one of the best movements for someone that doesn’t have a coach to teach the barbell movements, or doesn’t want to spend the time necessary to learn the barbell version.

You might think about jump squats with a 3-5 second pause in the rock bottom position.

Would this work, with a longer pause at the bottom?

Sure, I like those, you just have to decide what aspect of strength you want to train. The box squat jump in that video would be better for speed-strength, while a jump squat would be better for strength-speed.