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De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

This injury started approximately two weeks before Christmas 2019. I figured it was some tendonitis, so I had the option of massaging it and/or pushing through it until it went away. Long story short, it did not go away after either protocol. I went to visit my PT and he did some stretching, massage, ultrasound and had me do slow, eccentric hammer curls with 5lb dumbbells, slowly increasing in 5lb increments, to strengthen the tendons. It would work on and off. Decided to finally go to my ortho and explain everything and see if there is another route. I decided on a cortisone shot as it’s the next least invasive method. Anyone dealt with this before and what was your recovery time? I currently have it splinted in my heavy duty wrist wrap.

A few years ago my the area between my thumb and wrist got all jammed up and painful after too much Fat Grip clean and pressing.

I never knew exactly what was wrong, but it hurt for months, even after I stopped the clean and pressing. Pushing the lawn mower really irritated it.

One time, way later, I used the wrist roller for a few sets rolling knuckles back and a few sets rolling knuckles forward. After 1 or 2 workouts with the roller the thumb pain totally went away.

Had this before, fixed it with a lot of stretching. The one I used goes like this: make a first with your thumb inside your fingers. Hold your hand out in front is you in a neutral position (thumb side up) and tilt your hand towards the floor (ulnar deviation) while holding your thumb.

When I first started doing this I would feel the stretch and my hand would barely move. That and anti inflammatories took care of the issue within a few weeks.

Thank you! Will try tonight with my wrist roller.

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Thank you! Trying this right now at work and will take my Celebrex tonight and see if it helps.