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DE or RE Method for Rugby?


Hey guys Im doing a Westside Template to bulk up in the offseason for rugby.Would I be better off doing a Repeat effort day or dynamic effort dynamic along with my max effort day and which do you think would convert better to more strength gained?Thanks guys and sorry for the kinda obscure question.


Need more info.

Year Training.
Diet, sleep, workout schedule.


I'm sorry about that.


Size:200 pounds,6foot3.

Goals:To play in the front row in rugby/slap on 50 pounds onto my frame/my bench,deadlift,overhead press,squat to keep going up.

Years training:Messed around at home with concrete weights since I was 16.Training 'seriously' in a gym for about a year and a half if that.

Diet:I ate like a shrew when I was starting off so trying to rectify this so now as much as I can stuff into my face..trying to to keep protein high but other than that I dont have a specific diet Im following.

Sleep:Pretty good.Im in college so I have no other commitments other than to study thank god.I probablly average 8 hours on weekdays and a bit more on weekends.

Workout schedule:I spun my wheels for a while doing a bodybuilding split but doing waay to many exersises and not focusing on weight progression.I now average on 4 days a week in the gym focusing on compound lifts and trying to go as heavy as I can.

You could call it less a offseason template and more a sabatical to get as strong and powerfull as I can and then go into rugby.


There's a good article on Elitefts.com talking about that. I believe it was Jim Wendler who said in the article that you can switch it up on DE days. You can do both. You can switch every 2-3 weeks. You can do RE for 2-3 weeks and then do DE bench for 2-3 weeks. I'm not exactly sure who said this, but I'm almost positive it was Jim who said that. Hope this helps.



Thanks.I like reading Wendler's stuff so Ill give a search for that.


I don't see a DE day really being applicable. Personally I'd shoot for 5/3/1 or something of that sort. If mass is the goal and not so much strength I dont see Westside being a good fit


Agreed. If your goals are to gain 50 pounds, and continue to excel in your sport, I would suggest 5/3/1 with the BBB template. If you wanted to go hybrid westside, you could do DE work after your 5/3/1 work. The hybrid westside template is in Wendler's book.

otherwise, eat 6000 calories a day, workout as often as you can without killing yourself and get plenty of rest.


On your ME day, I would go for a 5RM rather than a 1RM. And have your supplemental lifts focused on mass rather than just strength.




Bingo...regular Westside definitely isn't what OP should go for.


Boo, dont be a fat prop. Second row FTW! (i played lock for a couple years)


Ha Im too short to play second row!Most locks are like 6:6-6:8 giants.


Thanks for the replies guys!I was reading up on dynamic effort days and the proper way to pick exercises for the westside template.I was going at it a bit ass to front.

Why would I be better going down the wsfsb route over normal westside though?Im not disputing the suggestion mind Im just wondering.I do need to put on a significant ammount of weight and really improve my lifts.Would normal westside not be the best to do this and then when Pre season rolls around I can scale it back and get into match 'fitness'?

Clifnotes:The op wants to pretend he is a powerlifter for a year and bulk like jason pegg then worry about Rugby next year with my new found 'jackedness' year.bad Idea?


Did you even read the article?


Man,thank you so much!I read that article a while back before knowing much about the ME and DE days in westside and just glanced over it at the time.I read it again just now and that is exactly what I need.Thanks again dude and sorry for not reading it in the first place.