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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 8.0






It wasn't what I thought.
I thought they were going to remove it or something


LOL implants for a tat ..now I have seen everything


I did a physical on a welder who had that same tat on his calf with the implants.


The thing is, it don't even look like boobs.

It looks like a tumour


It's fucking stupid to do that.


Have you met many rednecks Nards?

We are not talking about high IQ, CEO or brain surgeons.


I'm pretty close to being a redneck myself.


It's not a tumahhh


Love you man, but you are Canadian, have you been to the good ole South of the USA?


No...but from what I've seen on Man V Food I really should be. They showed a place called The Salt Lick...near Austin that looked absolutely incredible.

I'm also reading Comanche Moon which is a prequel to the wonderful Lonesome Dove and you add that to the fact that Winnipeg is in the same time zone as Texas I think that makes me some sort of honorary Texan-in-waiting.


Lol, been to the Salt Lick a few times, my sister lives in Austin.

Lets just say that here in the south people will spend over $50,000 on a car/truck and have it parked in front of a trailer that is falling apart.



+1 to what Derek said. That was really noticeable when I was stationed in North Carolina. Huge satellite dishes right next to a broken down trailer. Go figure.

I've been to the Salt Lick twice now. It's good but I didn't realize it was that famous. Interesting.



Please guys tell me about the meat there. I must live through you.


Yeah guys, tell Nards about your meat...




Well it is your after you purchase it.

Wait...most restaurants ask you to pay after you eat. Weird! I mean think about it...you can walk into the most expensive restaurant...eat like a king then say "Sorry, I have no money" and they kick you out or arrest you ...but at least you have a full belly.

But McDonalds......NO WAY! You pay first!



Two girls got in the elevator with me as I was on the way down and the following conversation occured between them -

Girl 1: I can't find the lobby button!
Girl 2: Yeah, the elevators are different on this floor.

(I had already pressed the lobby button, to make matters all the more ridiculous)