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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 7.0


Might be a double but whatever, other one was full




This might be from another demotivational thread or somewhere else, if you haven't seen it, enjoy


Shneaky chinese thought no one would notish


That was awesome.


Awesome! His fiance probably gave him the best sex of his life later that night.


I've seen this pic many times before but it still might be my favorite ever..


This, posted by ID at the end of the last thread, just might possibly be my all time favorite gif.





you are gaf


Whoever made this, deserves a million internet points.


Wow, I'd have chopped this cat's head off if it assaulted my child.

Then again, I hate cats in general...


Harsh but true.



No no no.

Sorry. No


To be fair, I'm mainly looking for excuses to kill a cat. But still, it could have clawed that kid's eyes out just as easily...


If my child acted that way towards an animal after what I would have taught him/her, the animal would not be the one in trouble.


Indeed. I hope the kid learned not to be a bigger pussy than the big pussy.


Kid was asking for it, cat delivered.

Now you know why cats where associated with gods, they are the agents of instant karma.


Mess with the cat, get the claws.