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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 6.6


Start with ID's last post, this was great.


YAY! My post was good enough to be reposted in a NEW thread!
Thanks DJ! This is my finest moment!


But yeah... that one was great!


The made me laugh more, cause this past weekend we were at my parents ranch. The built on an addition and my brother and I were moving everything into the room for them. My mother had left her FB open. My wife and sister-in-law got on there and posted how great her sons are and how much she loves them...blah,blah,blah.

Well my little sister couldnt make it with her hubby down there. She read that and was getting all bitching and making comments.
Long story short never leave your FB open. :slightly_smiling:



haha indeed! This is what happened when my good lady went to the toilet leaving me at her laptop...

relatively lame I know btu still, it gets the point across! ^^

ed- and fraped, such a great word lol.



So... these things ARE real!


Hehe, sometimes Dwarfy, sometimes! ^^




You JOOOS think every thing is about slavery.
Not that the Hebrews were ever slaves. They just lost their status when they were no longer needed as a mercenary force and decided to build up an army for an all out offensive against the Canaanites.


Except it wasnt....


Oh Ya just "states Rights", one of which included subjugating your fellow man.

No big deal

But then again if the south does rise again im all for letting you leave.


"Like a bus"


This is from 9gag and the comments were very funny. "That's not Gandalf!!!!"




Edvevus, here's one along those lines.


Completely off topic, but the North was just as racist but their economy did not revolve around free labor. Free labor = more profit = more profit = more power. The north did not want that, but dont think for a second they gave a damn about black ppl. It just makes the story more romantic for kids to learn and forget after the test.






Edit: No need to take this thread more off track


Please tell me that's not here because it's some photoshop or something.