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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 13


She may view Hawaii as a place that has been colonized, and therefore the correct reference to Hawaii would be as it’s own country and continent (given that it’s not connected to any other land mass, eg like Australia). Just guessing though. Have to warp your mind quite a bit to understand some leftists.



This had me in stitches


My favorite is “Socialism can’t be accused of failure and genocide because we don’t intend it”

Like Uncle Milty (Milton Friedman for those who are curious … google him) said "One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”


Good for that guy. He was much more polite and professional than I would have been.

I think the social justice warrior phenomenon has gone on as long as it has because those people seem emotionally unstable, and when you see an outburst like this the first reaction of most people is to do nothing. It’s exactly like watching a child having a melt down in a store. It’s obnoxious and annoying and you just feel sorry for their parents.

I can barely even watch these videos. I think if this situation happened in my presence, I would just want to leave rather than speak up and get involved the way the other unnamed passenge did. Which is wrong of me.

Maybe we can’t enlighten these people, but the next best thing might be to ridicule them to the point that they withdraw in shame.






I used to incorporate some of this during my off season years ago with some teammates, it is much more difficult than it looks. Nothing funnier than watching a 320 lb nose tackle try to do a plie with a straight face.


Classic field shenanigans… (turn your volume up)




I don’t mean to be the world’s biggest buzzkill AGAIN, but why did no one stop that?? How could people just watch a woman getting beat up and humiliated without attempting to help her?



That’s easy. No sane man is going to risk getting involved in a fight between two women he doesn’t know because if something goes bad, he’ll be the one in jail with a record. Most women aren’t going to risk getting hurt for someone she doesn’t know.


That, and the fight looks like a scene between two dinosaurs from a Jurassic Park movie.


Because no matter how true or virtuous the explanation, there is no credible way to explain why you got into a fight with a hooker.

It simply can’t happen. It’s like picking up the clean end of a turd.


Okay, that makes sense.

I feel like I’d have to say something, but then they’d undoubtedly turn their attention to me, which would terrify me. So assuming there was a man with me - and I’m assuming there would be if I were ever in Vegas - he’d be stuck getting involved anyway.

Maybe being hookers they didn’t care, but I was so sad when their dresses rode up and they were exposed with people honking and jeering.


I’m going to Vegas for New Years, and I can promise you I won’t get involved in a hooker fight. Film it yes, laugh at them yes, post the video here yes, nothing more than that.



From your posts I always knew you were some kind of fatass football player.