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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 13


“The popular porn-sharing destination announced today that it is offering Gawker CEO Nick Denton payment of $25,000 to film a sex tape between him and his husband Derrence Washington, or any other man or woman of Denton’s choosing”.

In order to get the extra $10,000, XHamster requests that “Washington wears a Hulkamania shirt and shouts Hulk Hogan’s trademark line, “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkmania runs wild on you?” while penetrating his husband.”


discovered this dude today




What I find odd is this comedian seems to only have hecklers. It’s really odd.


yeah, he doesn’t put much of his stand up on youtube; you need to pay for it.

Ginger Kid is on there though and it’s really good.




Oh man I want that Chesty Puller one!

All of them are excellent, 'merica.



^I don’t know how to embed videos but that shit there is worth a watch


Great white sharks attack fishing boat during harrowing encounter off LA.

The largest of the sharks measured about 18 feet, Poe told GrindTV.



These are all quite possibly some of the best videos on the internet right now…


Wow, that got dark pretty quick lol





Ozzy Man’s reviews are pretty fuckin’ funny. He does a great job with Game of Thrones reviews

Also, Yanet Garcia, fuck me she is just … wow


Must watch, I would drag this bitch out by her hair.


I can’t see how anyone would have taken her seriously after she said “the continent of Hawaii” … that driver is waaaaay more patient of a person than I, but I doubt I would have engaged her much after the continent of Hawaii comment.

What a fuckin’ idiot


From a friend, animals with eyes on the front of their faces