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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 13


Not meant to be anti-man, just thought it was funny.


is it okay that i was laughing by the end of it?
or should i say i did not find it funny
do not want to offend any one


I am not offended by your laughter.

I’ve been hearing tips like these my entire life. Buddy up! Don’t run with earbuds! Do your laundry during busy times! The only standard rape-prevention rule I haven’t consistently followed is the earbud one. So a whistle to blow if you feel like you might be tempted to rape is funny.


It’s mainly funny because it shows how ridiculous it is to “teach men not to rape.”

The analogy falls flat because women who get raped don’t want to be raped but men who rape do want to rape. In one case it makes sense for women to learn techniques to prevent something from happening if they don’t want it to happen. In the other case, it makes no sense for rapists to learn techniques to avoid doing something that they could simply decide not to do if they didn’t want to do it.


Hmm, you may be onto something there, Silyak. What do you make of this one?


Tactical nut sac.


Surfers see more than waves today at Sunset Beach, a great white shark jumps out of the water 100 feet from them.


I’ve never quite understood the fixation on rape and rape prevention. All crime prevention tips are directed at the victim, but for some reason, when discussing rape exclusively, that means you are blaming the victim. A rich business man shouldn’t walk down a dark alley in the ghetto while counting his stack of money. An attractive woman shouldn’t walk down a dark alley in the ghetto wearing supper relieving tight clothing. Why is only one of those statements “blaming the victim?” I don’t get it.

Somebody should make a similar list to prevent murder directed at a hit-man and shame all the people who offer personal protection tips to possible murder victims.


For me it was the weirdly simplistic tone that made it funny. I in no way suggest that rape prevention “blames the victim” and in my work with young girls I offer the usual with the disclaimer that in an ideal world this would not be necessary, but it is not a perfect world so for God’s sake, keep yourself safe.

I’ve talked about this before at TN but it’s been a long time ago - in a high school “respect” group I ran the girls were talking about how unjust it is that they can’t walk in the park at night, and a boy, who I swear only joined the group to try to get laid, incredulously asked “you think I can walk alone in the park at night and not get jumped?” Which, fair enough. (He was actually an incredible addition to the group - a young Eminem among the female do-gooders.)

Anyway, it was a joke. That’s all! Not a political statement. Jesus.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean you and I got that it was just a joke. I too find it humorous, but I know women who post with all seriousness things not far from that sort of mentality. Which is why that joke exists and similar crimes don’t have a list like that. And that’s a shame because I really think we are losing some potentially funny material.




Better yet, don’t ever eat at Subway. Those bastards skimp on meat.


and it’s weird that no matter what meat you get, what salad or sauce, it always just tastes the same.

Weirds me out.


I prefer Jimmy Johns IF I want a sandwich/sub. When I was living in Buffalo, NY there was a place called the New York Sub Exchange that had the best sub sandwiches I’ve ever had at $14/sub, which was actually well worth it.


SO skimpy! I’ll eat it if absolutely necessary, but I can’t for the life of me see why anyone seeks it out on purpose.


Here is another gem… http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html



Bro sent me this