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(de)Motivational Posters, Random Pics 11.0


To the HS graduates of 2013.


I realize this is a new thread and you aren't Iron Dwarf. This makes me a sad panda.


A moment of silence for the dwarf that once was. May his limbs continue to forever be disproportionate to his torso, and his run forever reduced to a humorous stumpy waddle.


I too came here to lament the departure of our friend that i looked up to.

By looked up to I meant that I needed to look down to do that.


Super Saiyan posted this in the last thread and it deserves to be here too.




I have literally never given someone money expecting to get it back...

guess that says a lot about me.


Hahaha, awesome.



The worords first froppy disk.


I just spit out some water all over my monitor. lulz.




I now forgive Robbie Williams for all the other cunty things he's done, because I find this hilarious.




For the ID fans out there:




Boogity, Boogity, Boogity Amen!!!


I died watching this episode. My wife had to leave the room I was laughing so hard while she was trying to go to sleep.


More like J loan


Seriously, I could not even imagine what school would be like with the internet. Not having to go to libraries for books or journals, there is no excuse not to get an A.