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Okay no more Lurking. Can I have the bribe now

This is my official de-lurking, I am 16, been reading t-mag for about a year (luckily i found it). I am 5’6" 175 lbs at approx 16-18%bf I am trying to lose bf and gain strength(aren’t we all). My gym numbers are- Bench:210, Deadlift: 300, and I am not sure about squat, I do not have a power rack yet so I am not able to squat heavy yet. I know they aren’t very good, but I am improving.

Hi! I actually just found out about T-Mag today, and, already, you guys are a bunch of help!

I came out of the woodwork about a month ago.
I first encountered Testerosterone Magazine in the grocery store about 2 years ago and have visited sporadically ever since.
I’m 26 yrs old. I live in Seattle WA.
I’m a full time college student. I started lifting when I was 13 yrs old and have only made so-so gains due to poor nutrition and inconsistent workouts and an unhealthy lifestyle.
I plan on changing that now though. in addition to lifting, I dig combat sports.
MMA, Kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, Jui-jitsu, etc.
I want to get back into competition so I am reading through T-mag to get insight into training programs, nutrition, and enjoying the off topic forum as well.
I don’t know if I qualify as a lurker anymore but I might as well introduce myself, regardless.
I am pleased with T-Mag beyond belief.
I’m jealous that teenagers are privy to such a goldmine of wealth of information when I had to waste years of frustration and tons of $$$ on B.S. BB mags through the years.

Whats up! My name is Travis, and I’ve been reading T-mag for about 2 months. And it kicks ass! I’m a college student, I’m 19, 173lbs at 5’9 and I wanna look good nekid. I have been training for about seven months and I learn something new everyday reading T mag. shits been pretty helpful, though the dieting part is a bit challenging to accomplish in the real world, especially college life. Still, I ve been doing pretty good.

I signed up along time ago, but my first post was about a week or two ago. I’ve been reading t-mag for about a year and love it. Thanks for everything

Hey everyone, my name is Nick and I have been reading for about 3 months. I have been lifting on and off for the last ten years but have learned more in the last three months about nutrition and proper lifting.

I studied the nutrition threads by Shiggy and ‘the bow’ and was blown away by the detailed info given by TT, Phil and others. I have incorporated alot of that info as well as including compound movements in my training.

I just had reconstructive ACL surgery 3 weeks ago but am back in the gym doing what I can.

I love the site and tell all of my friends that are looking for help where they can find it.

names paul. started working out so if I got in a fight(and did) would be able to defend myself.

I’ve been reading T-mag since 1999, and as you’ll see only posted 2x’s for some minor threads. I love the site, ya’ll have inspired me to get CSCS certification!

Rox On T-Mag!


I probably can’t have it anyway as I live in Sydney but I’ll do some de-lurking too.

Hey all,

I would also love the bribe, I am 18 and in university been working out since i was 12 off and on not too seriously though. Just getting serious the last couple months or so. I am 5’7" 170 lbs bench 265 DL im guessing 315 and squats i havent done for a while do to a rotator cuff injury… lame excuse but im not using it anymore im adding them on my next program. BF % is less than 10 im pretty sure. Im going to be posting pics in the pic section for some advice in a few days. Anyways love the site and would love some free stuff even more im out.

I am from Sweden, which means my english may not always be perfect, 29 years old, former fat and lazy. Not so lazy anymore (working on the fat part). Mainly into martial arts (ju-jutsu and tae kwon do (ITF)). Training with weights to improve performance, avoid new injuries and keep the old ones in check and, of course, look better. Having a problem avoiding overtraining, simply because training is so much fun.

I registered a while back but haven’t posted in a while until a few days ago so we’ll see if this counts as a delurk. Anyway, I am a senior exercise science student at MTSU and have used t-mag for a good part of my college career to help in debates with professors stuck in the 80-90’s low fat era. Thanks for all the help guys!

Ok, so that’s enough of an incentive for me. I’m 21, a Computer Science student, becoming more and more interested in training and nutrition and T-mag really helps increase my knowledge. At 30% body fat my main goal is to lose fat, but I’m also trying to increase my squat, bence and deadlift numbers as I want to compete as a powerlifter.


What’s up, my name is Jim and I am a 6 foot, 200 lbs. student from Toronto, ON. I have been reading the plethora of knowledge that T-Mag has been providing for about a month now. My knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and working has increased by about 1000%. I’m checking the site out everyday and learning something new. I sound like a personal trainer now when I’m talking to people. I’m going to be starting a new diet soon, and the T-Dawg diet sounds very convincing, especially with all the positive feedback that the members are giving it. Anyways this is my “de-lurking”, and once I gain some more knowledge, I will “de-lurk” some more on the forum. Thanks.

It worked!

I live in Georgia, concentrate mostly on endurance sports like running and triathlon, but am in awe of you strength guys. I’d like to add some functional strength, and have gotten some good advice from T-mag and the posts on this forum.

So here it is, I am the old man in the chain at 27. I am a former Marine Infantryman who has been fighting the battle of the bulge since I got out. T-mag has been very helpful and I plan to start working on some crazy new shoulder exercises today. All you kids out there pay attention and read this mag, build good habits and you wont have to change the bad ones like I do.

Somewhat new I guess. I’ve had a few posts in the last month. I participate in softball, basketball, and volleyball. I also coach a middle school baseball team in Indianapolis. I played college and semi pro baseball.

this worked! but i guess a bribe always does, can i have my free bottle now?