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DE Lower Body

DE Lower Body workout

Depth jump 5 set 3 reps

Bulg. Squat elevated 3 set 10 reps 12 kg

hyperextension 2 set 10 reps 12 kg
one set without weight because my back started to hurt

crunch 12 kg 20 reps
crunch with twist 12 kg 15 reps
leg raises 10 reps
The Depth jumps are kind of funny because you dont really feal anything happening. you just feel like youve warmed up.

Anyone know if you can warmup with plyometrics every workout to make good gains in Vertical ?

Diet thought:

Food ammount today was really good

1 bowl of oatmeal
1 clementine
4 slices of meatloaf
mix salad
protein shake /w water 1 scoop
5 pieces of wholewheattoast with ham chesse <-- not best choice

and ive had a little cup of coffe and 3-4 litres of water

dont know morning weight due to that i had to rent out my room for some friends and i forgot to get my weight out of there

but i am eally expecting that weight to show 92.5 tomorow

No, no and NO. Depth jumps should be done only after you’ve warmed up properly–they are hard on your tendons owing to your deceleration and sudden stops at landing.

That is a very poor DE day. Let’s look at it–you have Depth jumps, only 6 total sets of exercises, and 3 sets of abs. That isn’t enough to do anything with, except the jumps.

You need to actually read about the Westside template before you go trying to do stuff like this. Check out elitefts.com in the article section, or Dave Tate’s stuff here on T-Nation.

A proper DE day should have at least 3 leg exercises, not including depth jumps. And then add the ab work in after your leg workouts. Depth jumps are NOT replacements for squats or lunges as your main DE movement. The depth jumps should be done either immediately after warmup, or immediately after your main movement. Don’t do them at the end because you won’t get a good training effect from the plyos.


warmup–mobility work, activation work

depth jumps
DE squats 8-10 sets of 2 reps at between 50-70% max.
lunges 3 sets 8 reps
Bulg. squats 3 x whatever
pull-throughs, or hyperextensions, or GHRs 3-5 sets.

3-5 leg exercises, 8-10 sets of 2-3 reps 50-70% max = main movement work (or 6-10 sets of 1-2 reps 50-70% max of deadlift work), 9-16 sets of accessory/assistance work, then abs.

You could turn the whole day into an RE day by doing something similar to DeFranco’s “Westside for Skinny Bastards” program, but that’s another topic.

Also, it should be noted that plyos are for short duration bursts in training only (2-4 weeks, 2x a year), unless you are in a reactive track event like the long jump, the high jump, triple jump, etc.

Plyos require someone to be able to generate a baseline level of strength before starting them. In most (but not all) circumstances the mantra “use sparingly” applies.

Good luck. Make sure to read the Dave Tate articles.

His program is already very similar to the Dynamic Effort day as described in West Side For Skinny Bastards 3.

If what he posted in the original post was his entire DE day, it is not enough. If he doesn’t respond well to volume, then he could just add one other leg exercise for a total of 9 work sets and 3 exercises besides the depth jumps. I just don’t know of any human being outside of late mike mentzer on steroids who could make progress on that low volume. And I guarantee you that he is not pushing himself as hard as Mentzer was in a HIT session.

I still stand by my post, though maybe I could have thought of a better way to word it. He needs more volume. Even if it’s only 1 other exercise. I’m not advocating jumping straight into 5 leg exercises a session, but he needs more. I understand if he doesn’t want to do the barbell squat twice in a week–after all, skinny guys may not recover quite so well from having a barbell on their back twice. And it’s fine if he wants to make it less a DE day and more an RE day with no “true” dynamic legs besides the jumps, but needs more volume overall

EDIT–I just read through WS4SB part 3 again. Defranco ran through it pretty thoroughly, but I still can’t fathom why the volume is soooo low. I mean, I know you don’t want them tired for max day, but come on–6 sets is a warm-up. I will grudgingly stand aside for Joe Defranco because I respect him so much and his work with athletes is great, but I remain very disappointed in his choice of volume. Especially considering his quote in that article “skinny bastards need more volume to grow”.

No, his DE day is fine. This is not a powerlifting template, the goal is not necessarily to get huge. In fact, for optimal neural adaptations, it’s good for the volume to remain low, especially on DE day.

If he’s an athlete (which I assume he is, using the WS4SB template), his goal is not to improve his squat (which is why I would recommend against doing dynamic box squats). The goal is to get fast on DE days and get strong on ME days.

But to the OP, you COULD warmup with LOW depth jumps, although I think something like forward and lateral barrier hops would be better. Also, make sure you pick your exercise appropriately. I’m not saying you shuoldn’t do depth jumps, but if you have haven;t yet gotten proficient at altitude drops (absorbing force), I’d stick with those for 3 or 4 weeks if you’re doing plyos.

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