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De La Hoya or Mosely?

OK guys as many of you may know from my posts, I’m in Korea, so I didn’t see the fight. I’ve always been an Oscar fan. I watched the round-by- round summaries on espn.com, waiting eagerly for the outcome. By their analysis, Oscar should have won it 10-2 or 9-3 (don’t remember which). What’s your call? Did Mosely really beat him? Or did Oscar get robbed?


De la Hoya got robbed.

big time, Oscar won that fight. It was great fight, two very skillfull fighters.

But definately not scored correctly by the judges.


He tends to get screwed in these September fights. He beat Trinidad too but lost that fight on scoring.

what Magnus said.

I’m fed up with the big ticket fights these days, the corruption, shady judges, greedy promoters, etc.

I’m more entertained by Tuesday night fights and Friday night fights.

Now those are some pugelists with the hunger to mangle somebody. They might not have all the talent or experience, but damn, those guys can go at it and the judges seem a little more shall we say “impartial.”


I did not see the fight, but it sounds like De la Hoya got robbed.

But in a way, he did it to himself, by not finishing strong.

I see most people are sticking with Oscar but i don’t think he won. Points are not awarded on the the amount of punches u land.

I also don’t think he won the first 4-5 rounds as everyone says, for me neither boxer did enough to really warrant taking those rounds, at most i would have given oscar 2 shane 1 and 2 equal., but the last few rounds (4 rounds) shane really got to work and landed some hefty blows.

Throughout the fight shane landed 3 heavy blows on oscar that rocked him, cedit to oscar as a lesser guy would have foiled. Shane was the stronger fighter and i think that’s why he was given the fight. Ideally i think it should have been a draw.

i guess we will see a third fight, should that happen i am pretty sure that they will not sit on the fence like they did for large parts of this fight.

OK Brad, I see your point but who won the fight?

Ko’s right on the money, De La Hoya loses when he doesn’t finish strong and he’s made a couple fights that he has won closer than they should have been by slacking off in the last couple rounds. In any sport, you gotta finish!

You definitely gotta finish – that’s why they call it LASTing impressions…

The judges were looking for a reason to give it to either fighter and Mosley gave them that reason – he closed strong.

Also, jabs should not count as scoring punches – they are valuable in both defensive and offensive situations, but should be considered a means to and end, not an end itself.

In addition, I think Oscar is talented but his style sucks, he jabs and dances, and then when they signal 10 seconds left in the round he throws a flurry (most punches don’t even land), and expects to steal the rounds like that. Hey Oscar, be a man and fight to win, don’t fight to not lose!

IMO, Mosley did more “real” damage, he deserved the fight. But if you’re all about points and “winning rounds”, then you can make an argument fo Oscar.

saw the fight. it was a travesty of justice. those judges should be taken out and shot. i have no idea what the boxing overlords have against oscar, but somebody high up or with deep pockets is out to get him…

I liked how Foreman was freaking out afterwards. He even busted on that annoying sonofabitch Larry Merchant.

“You don’t know boxing, Larry. You just watch it.”

I turned the fight off in like the 8th round because I thought Mosley had no chance unless he knocked him out and Oscar was clearly going defensive so I assumed it was over. I was shocked to hear Mosley won the next morning by a unanimous decision.

I’m not a De La Hoya fan but I was defenitly impressed with his wins over Vargas and Mosley.

I’d have to agree with Larry Merchant being aggrivating. I guess I’m going to watch the fight after all this controversy.

yep, never leave it up to the judges.

pro-boxing has gotten to be such a sad thing. Unfortunately MMA is going the same way, and now Don King is involved in that as well.

Are we all De La Hoya simpthyser’s here? I didn’t see the fight, but my friends did. They said the fight could have gone either way and that Mosely did win the first few rounds. Again I didn’t catch the fight. Just going by hear say.

Although, I think De La Hoya is acting like a “bitch” for asking a investigation into boxing. Take it like a man you lost in a desison, and call Mosely out on a rematch but don’t complin about the judging if you didn’t get a knockout.

My 50cent on this anyways.

Fights like DeLaHoya vs Mosely is the reason that I gave up watching boxing in 1993 when the first UFC came out.

If you want to see two people fight nothing comes closer to reality than a good UFC or Pride fight. Punching, kicking, grappling its all there.

Who needs to watch anything that has Don King or Bob Arum attatched to it?