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De La Hoya Admits to Posing in Women's Lingerie


So those infamous pics of Oscar in lingerie are real.


Meh, he was still a bad mutha fucka that fought everybody!

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug!"




Good for him for admitting this. Actually it doesn't matter. He's only human after all. We all do crazy shit at some point of our life.


like i wouldn't know it was him by the pics.

says the tranny who couldn't forgive Zyzz who was guilty as anyone else.


Don't care. DLH always has irritated the shit out of me... he just seems like a fakeas motherfucker who talks like a homo and lost every big fight he ever fought.



De La Hoya has defeated 17 world champions and has won 6 world titles in six different weight classes.[3][4] He has also generated more money than any other boxer in the history of the sport,[5] an estimated $696 million pay-per-view income.[6]

that's not my definition of a fake ass mother fucker, but then again... i don't know shit about boxing.


WTF? Who and or What is a Zyzz? Did De La Hoya fight him? Also, I am not sure I would say De La Hoya is a tranny. Is this one of those times I need a link?


Robert A


He was a damn good fighter who decided to be an even better businessman. This meant false modesty, and b.s. promoting but I cannot fault him. He kept himself from being another sad story. Many other champs don't.

I will say that if he would have ran into a prime Chavez instead of an old man JCC would have thrown him a beating that made De La Hoya vs Pac-Man look nice.

Does this mean he is the toughest cross-dresser of all time?


Robert A


Lol. Can you just choose to ignore my posts?

You've been and still are irrelevant to me since our last altercation. I should be irrelevant to you too since you are still oh sooo butthurt about what I said about Zyzz.

You've insulted me but I don't go to threads where you've posted to quote you and insult you. Please grow the fuck up, boy. Move on and stop running after my cock. Oh, and carry on jerking off to the pics of that dead boy if you wish.

Now this is going to be the last time I waste my time on an irrelevant knobhead like yourself as I don't wish to bring anarchy in this part of the Tnation.


lol @ black anarchism


Um. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot...Over.

Can anyone explain this shit to me? I would say this is taking the thread off the rails, but it is about a former champ/pretty boy/Golden Boy who is finally admitting he played dress up. Golden Boy Promotions does put on some decent cards though. I am more interested in an explanation for why he came in so fucking weak against Pac.

I do not get the anarchy reference either. I will say for the record Jeff Monson is my favorite anarchist though. Smart fighter. Tough. His feud with Pe de Pano was great.


Robert A


Hahaha. Your post is funny.

There's nothing much to explain. I gave my opinion about DLH and some knobhead who's apparently still butthurt by a comment of mine in another thread jumped on the post I made on here.

This subforum is usually drama free and I really don't want to get into a war of words with some irrelevant fucks. I reserve this kinda shit for GAL. Hence the use of 'anarchy'.

Oh by the way, I am the tranny he's talking about :wink:


I get told this a lot. People also enjoy stories where I am injured or nearly maimed/killed. If I had any sense of reflection I could find a lesson in that.

Got it. Some kind of spill over. Still, I would pay attention to kaiser at least with regards to rumors/background about brazilian fighters. I am wondering if he will read this and add to the whole Monson vs Cruz thing.

I take it you are being facetious here. If not, ugh...lookin' well conditioned in the avatar...bro?


Robert A


Ummmm? To get this thread back on track a little. I think DLH was a good fighter and great businessman. I think that he made his early career by beating guys who were either over the hill or way smaller than him naturally. I think he deserved the loss to Trinidad for running the last few rounds and I think the Quartey fight could have gone either way. He should have lost to Felix Sturm and Pernell Whitaker. That being said he was always willing to fight all comers and he was a good ambassador for the sport. Glad he came clean on the whole picture thing.


Well stated. I don't remember the Sturm fight but otherwise I agree.

I wouldn't say he was willing to take on all comers. If that was the case Quartey would have got an immediate rematch instead of getting brushed off (although I was more impressed with his handling of the rematch question in the in ring, post fight interview than I was in his previous 3 fights combined).

I would characterize it as he was willing to fight risky opponents if the money/benefit was right. Again, I am not criticizing him for doing it. Just how I see it. Lastly, I just don't care about the picture. I never did.


Robert A


damn, seems like a foreplay to some BDSM action to me from what the article was describing


I agree with much of this.

De La Hoya was a damn good fighter. Mosley said he had the fastest hands of anyone he ever faced. I don't think a prime JCC would have put a Pac-style beatdown on prime DLH, but it would certainly have gotten very nasty in the later rounds.

Oscar's reaction to Hopkins' liver punch is still one of my favourite boxing moments.


I actually like your assessment better than mine.


Wait... Wait... Wait... Wait... Darkninjaa's a tranny?



Apparently, I'm quite good at cock tucking...