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DE Day Squatting %s for Raw Lifters

On elitefts.com it says that if you lift raw then you should use higher %'s on your DE Box squats (adding 10 % to the lifts). But if you do this isnt the higher percent taking away from the lifts explosiveness? For example my current 3 week cycle is 63%, 65% and 68% should the 10% be added on to this ?

I was just wondering because this is what the DE Squat manual says, and thought someone else might have a simular experance.


DId you ask over at elitefts? Listen to what they say. I would not add to those percentages at all, especially if you use added accomodating resistance. Also, judge the percent to use based on bar speed. If you feel too slow with those percentages then back down and build up or vice versa(less likely).

Drewd is exactly right. Bar speed is more important than weight or percentages. Worry more about how fast the bar is moving and not much is on the damn thing.

Also - your percentages are already about 10% above what is suggested(50-60%). so a 3 week wave looks like: 53, 55, 58. with a 10% increase it is 63, 65, 68. Still though, focus on bar speed.