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DE Day, Not Fatigued?

I leave my dynamic-effort day feeling unfatigued, more energized then worn out. Does anyone else feel with this way?

You do not always have to be worn out to have a succesfull workout. What is your max squat and what weights are you using for you DE sets?

thats how you should feel after a de day

The only time I feel sore after a dynamic day is when I use bands

What percentages have u guys used with the most success? I’ve recently started using a lot lower percentage of my max for squats and bench.

After a DE movement, you should still work your muscles like you do on an ME day, maybe you aren’t working hard enough to tear down those muscles.

I do alot better with higher percentages, as my max suited squat is 455. If i use free weight i can do all 8 sets at 255 and still be really fast, and today i used green bands at 225 for 6 sets and 245 for 2 sets. Probably should have used 245 for all 8 sets. Thats actually not too high a percentage as i thought as it puts me between 53-56 percent. But i really dont base it on percentage, i base it mostly on bar speed. But i’m blessed with explosiveness and not as much strength, so it will be different for everyone.

I wouldn’ worry about not feeling beat up. When I was doing a DE squat day, I also found that I was not all that beat- even when I used band tension. However, consider this, if you have no problems with speed, why not do real weight for some reps- say 5 x 5 off a box with something in the low 300s. Then, some weeks, if you don’t have much in the tank, do DE work for speed/recovery- just my 2 cents

You are not supposed to feel extremely fatigued. It is a dynamic effort day; th ename implies that you are performing your main lift at maximal SPEED.

According to Dave Tate’s article on T-Nation, “Eight Key’s Part III”, you shouldn’t miss any of these lifts either. You also probably shouldn’t strain very hard to hit the lifts either. SPEED, SPEED, SPEED.

After that you can either do some more speed work on other lifts to bring up weak points or do some repetitive effort/or submaximal effort work for related areas (upper body or lower body depending on the day) some ab/low back work and then call it a day. Get in and out in 45-60 minutes (not including the warm up) again ACCORDING to TATE!

On the other hand you probably will feel beat up after the heavy loads of ME day. You can’t go hard and heavy (by the percentages) all the time.

Read all of Dave’s stuff on the site it clearly explains the powerlifting application of conjugate periodization.

I think it’s normal to feel energized after something like a DE day or speed work day. You’re focusing on explosiveness which is stressing the CNS, so it would stand to reason that DE days “supercharge” the CNS, right?

What do you do after speed work?

I usually do some light benching for a set to failure or close grips up to a 5RM or dbell presses 3 sets of hi reps.

You should feel energized. After your DE on squat add on a heavy double or triple without the band tension or box.

I wouldn’t recommend free squatting after doing box squats with bands. If you weren’t using bands it might be ok, but it would be very awkward to go from using bands on a box, to no bands and free squatting.

I’ve tried this a few times- i.e. doing banded sets followed by straight weight. The first straight weight set always feel a little squirrely to me, but it really depended on how much band tension I used on my banded sets. Like working up with a green band and then taking it off for my heavier sets is pretty cool- very explosive, but still controlled in the top end.

But once, after I had done 4 or 5 sets with a blue and a green on each side and very little bar weight (235, I think), I went to straight weight for some reps (325 for 5s, I think). I locked out so fast, I lost it and stumbled backwards in the rack and busted hand between the bar and the rack upright- didn’t drop the bar though. Good times!

[quote]binford wrote:
I wouldn’t recommend free squatting after doing box squats with bands. If you weren’t using bands it might be ok, but it would be very awkward to go from using bands on a box, to no bands and free squatting.[/quote]