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DE Banded Box Squats


Quick question, planning on starting up westside and couldn't find an answer to this. For my DE lower body day I'll be running a banded box squat cycle (recommended regular cycle of 47/51/53%). If my squat is 425 would this be:

200 + light band
215 + light band
225 + light band

Or is it
Bar + light band
Bar + light band
50+light band?

assuming light bands are 175.

Thanks for the input


50, 55, and 60 % plus 25% band tension for your 3 week waveis what the westside guys do. hwever, thats just a guideline. feel it out. the weight has to move fast to get the benefit. add weight till your moving slow, then back it off. you really want to pop off the box.


I'm doing 50, 60, and 70% of the current weeks' max set.


I got the cycle I posted above from EFS basic training manual. They suggest the 50/55/60 for no band/chain work and then gave the cycle I listed above for band work. I'll probably just go by feel but was curious if the % was bar weight + band tension or if it was bar weight only then add the bands on top of that.


Also do short bands or regular length bands work best for DE box squat? I'll be squatting in a cage with band pegs on the bottom.


I think thats weight+band


I do it 47% is the bar weight, the band is just added "fun." Its worked well for me.


regular length


Out of curiosity, have you ever run a West Side template before?


No. This will be my first go. Why do you ask?


The percents are the bar weight, not the bar plus band weight. My recollection is also that the percents you posted are the ones if you're box squatting raw. But, like others said, go by feel. When I was using a Westside-based program (for more about 7-8 years) I used the percents you posted for my bar weight even though I was wearing a light suit (old ass z suit). Go by feel and don't forget to work up to a couple of heavy sets once you get used the bands if you're feeling like you're having a good day.


I think it looks good. 47, 50, 53% is a good place to start with bands. But your light bands probably arent adding 175lbs at the top unless they are short bands. My strong bands stretched to 6 feet come out to about 220, averages about 150, lights about 100lbs.

50, 55, and 60% are good weights to use without bands. Not with them. Everyone I have seen go 60% with 25% band tension moves A LOT slower than 50%, which completely defeats the purpose of pure speed-strength work.

With the dynamic effort method, you can really do whatever the hell you want to based on your weaknesses and your creativity. My next de squat cycle is with 50% band tension and waving 43%, 45%, 47%. I am doing this to peak for a meet in 5 weeks and also work on my strength-speed.


LiquidMercury, Something to think about too. When I do dynamic effort work (I squat about the same as you 425), I use 50-55% bar weight and the average bands, but importantly also I use a box about an inch above parallel (normal box squats I use right at or slightly below parallel), which really keeps me from aggravating my hips with these.


Yah I misread on my bands. I was thinking of average bands, not light bands. I will be using light bands though.