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De-Activation and Serious Stretching for the Pec Minor

Hello all. As some of you know, if the pec-minor becomes overactive/tight, it can really screw over scapula stabilisation for pulling/pushing exercises. That’s what I basically have currently. I am currently strengthening the retractors/depressors/upward rotators/external rotators of the scapula/shoulder joint but at the same time, REALLY NEED TO DEACTIVATE THE PEC MINOR. The pec-minor is currently way too over-active (for some reason, it just happened out of no where) and too tight. Tradional independent stretching is not cutting it and I need some serious and a lot more effective ways to stretch and de-activate the pec-minor. The pec-minor was never tight for me and I’m not sedentary (always train) but it just happened while trying to fix my scapula within the last 1-2 months.

So basically, if anyone can help me with SERIOUSLY DEACTIVATING AND STRETCHING THE PEC-MINOR, that would be great. If the stretching/deactivation requires a partner, then that’s fine too - I just need some suggestions and help! Thanks.

Check out the “Diesel Crew Feel Better Right Now Exercise Combo” video

Its 3 exercises to get your upper back moving and working, and your scaps where they are supposed to be. Each rep also stretches out your pecs. Then you finish up with a pec stretch.

Thanks for the reply man! First person ever to reply to my post lol. Thing is, my scapula was always set in place and this just happened rather randomly. I know how to fix it with respect to the exercises I need to but I specifically need some method that SPECIFICALLY targets the pec-minor to deactivate and intensely stretch so that the nervous stops activating/tightening it so much. I’ll surely check out what you have suggested as well but I need something specifically for just that. But thanks for the suggestion and I will look in to it.

So guys, any of you guys got any ideas or knowledge of how to seriously stretch out the pec-minor?