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*dday Takes a Crapp


At it again, this time I'm fixing my fuck ups from my previous diet, learning the hard way I suppose but learned something none the less. Recently I'd been dieting down trying to get to 200lbs from 240lbs, lowered my calories down to stupid and F'd my metabolism up, killed my strength and didn't lose any real weight(20lbs). Now it's time to fix my metabolism and make with the growing.

Little back story January 2008 I was 300lbs of shit, dieted down to 214lbs and looked like bad so I did a mini bulk to 240lbs but F'd that up too and just got fat so I dieted back to current weight of 220lbs. Needless to say I'm a bit worried about getting fat again so the name of the game is slow and steady.

The plan doggcrapp straight from the nation article http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_50_pounds_of_muscle_in_12_months
The only changes from this will be due to my limited equipment in my home gym. I'm debating a gym membership but we'll see how it goes with what I have.

The diet, targeted carbs because I'm still carrying a bit more weight than I'd like to be. I'll be having on metabolic shake or equivalent carbs 30ish minutes prior to training and one serving Surge post workout which will comprise my carbs for the day. This will evolve throughout the process and likely increase as long as I'm not gaining too much fat.

The rest of the time will be 5-6 meals a day of protein and vegetable or nuts. In an effort to do this slowly and controlled I'm starting off at my diet calories of 1800-2200 cals and slowly up them each week until I feel comfortable that I'm not gaining too much too soon.

Like I said I wrecked my strength with my last diet, even though I was lifting hard I still lost strength.
Monday was my first day and was really just feeling things out so here goes day 1 of my DC training.

warm up- 95X20-135X10
working set- 175X10

DB Military press-
warm up-25X30
working set- 45x22

Reverse grip bench
warm up-95x20
working set-115x14

lat pull
warm up-110x20
working set-160x15

warm up-205x10
working set- 2x255x10

Yep, I'm a pussy...hopefully that will change...nah fuck that...that WILL change soon enough.

Tonight is my second night of DC, more feeling out but I do have a base to go from.

I don't really have an end goal at the moment other than to like the guy in the mirror.....



Day 2, yep it's 3am central time and I just got done lifting. Forced to work nights these days, it sucks balls but I got a wife & kid to support. Anyhow the meat of this here log.

Barbell curls
Warm up- barX30
Working set- 75x22

Hammer curls
Warm up-^
Working set- 45X20

Calf raise
Working set- 255X12

Glute Ham raise-
Working set- body weightx30

Smith hack squat
Warm up-135x20
Working set- 265x6 265x7
Widow Maker- 205x20

Ok the reality of the situation.
First off, my smith machine is NOT counter weighted, not sure how much it weighs but I'd guess more than 45lbs however I count the weight as if it were on a standard bar.

The hammer curls had a bit of swing toward the end of them, the goal improve form throughout the set.
Calf raise, I had to make these work, loaded up the smith and just came up on my toes, tried putting plates under my toes but on a concrete floor didn't feel safe that way, will work on this for next time.
The WM was sketchy, I got it done but there were a handful of 1/4 squats in there so the goal is perfect form before going up.
Despite some obvious room for improvement I enjoyed this workout and felt I gave everything I had, there were a couple times during the squat I saw stars. Trying to get out of the basement afterward was a struggle, interested to see if I can walk tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll start posting my diet.


How low did you go?



6 months, to lose 20lbs. Ridicules huh. It only too me 8 months to lose the first 80lbs. Could have done more steady state cardio but chose HIT, I like it a lot more that long walks.


So food for today:

12:00pm Breakfast
2 scoops chocolate Grow!

5p late second meal
Hand full almonds
1/2lb ground beef

10p late lunch
6oz chicken
Hand full almonds

6oz chicken
1 cup broccoli

1/4lb ground beef
1 cup peas

Snack- likely natural peanut butter

Tuesday and Thursdays are always Fâ??d for me, Iâ??m working 2 jobs right now, my regular 40hr paying night job and then Iâ??m an assistant strength coach for a local high school 10hrs+ a week. So Tuesday and Thursday I get up â??earlyâ?? noon, and roll to the school for a few hours to coach. This throws my whole day off food wise.
More room to improve I suppose.


DB bench
warm up- 45x2x15
working set- 60x22

BB seated military
warm up- 95x15
working- 135x11.5

close grip bench
warm up- 135x10
working- 155x12

BB bent row
warm up-135
working- 185x11

Didn't feel like much of a workout, I pushed as hard as I could just don't seem to get the feeling of a workout after this one. Triceps are killing but thats it, we'll see tomorrow how I feel.

will post diet later.


4 egg white
2 yolks
1 tbsp EVO
¼ cup green peppers
¼ cup onion

2nd meal
¼ sirloin
Half cup green beans

3rd meal PWO

4th meal
2 turkey brats
1oz almonds

5th meal
1/2lb ground beef
1 cup lima beans

6th meal
1 turkey brat
1 cup peas

Calories 2844
Fat 116g
Carbs 208g
Protein 256g

Not sure about the lima beans, 112g of carbs but 38g of protein I guess only eating them on training days will be fine.


I meant how low did you go in calories?



I hadn't mentioned it before but I weigh in on Wednesday and Saturday mornings first thing, naked and usually after draining the bladder.

219.4 this morning, so this week I didn't gain any weight which is a good thing, I want to see how many calories I can get up to before I gain weight, then hold that for a few weeks before going up anymore.

Another provision if you will of my "diet" is a cheat meal on Sunday, this will vary but is usually pretty healthy. However I might just make it a carb up meal cause I'm jones'n for some protein pancakes.....droooooool.

On a training note, I'm supposed to walk 30min a day but the last 2 days I've been rained out, hope to get a treadmill from my pops in a week or two so there will be no more excuses.


Sorry man, totally miss read what you were asking, my bad. I actually got down to 1500 calories occasionally less if I got busy. At 6'2" 220lbs that's stupid low, IMO.


Wow that's bloody low for someone of your height. But it looks like you've done a great job since '07.

Keep it up!



Thanks man, I'm giving it my all. Had I not realized what I'd done/was doing I could have developed an eating disorder, I do have a fear of being a total fat ass again.


Stop over thinking things and worrying. Stick to the basics..
-Quality food
-Hard Training
-Complex exercises
-Quality Rest

=RESULTS...yes its that simple...

Check this blog post out. COuldn't agree more with this


I used to hate putting on fat buring a bulk. I would be so terrified by the fact I would lose my 6-pack. Then I decided to just be myself and do what needed to be done to accomplish my goals. My biggest thing is when a diet or training program becomes stressfull then you've already failed.

Break it down as simple as you can and just give it 100%. Good things will come when you take that sort of action as oppossed to getting way to scientific with your diet or making drastic changes ect...

Good luck to you, keep your post goin my man..



Pretty sure I've read that article before or something like it, all true. Been doing the cave man diet for the last 1.5 yrs, best thing that's ever happened to me. I recommend it to anyone who asks me how to lose weight, most folks don't have the nads to start, usually get a your funny look followed by an excuse.

I do from time to time make things harder than they need to be without realizing it. Please come back from time to time, I need a tug back to earth now and then.


I wish I had a 6 pack.....ever :slight_smile: Hell I'd be content with being rid of this flat spare tire. It'll all work out in the end. Thanks again.

That reminds me I need to take some pictures, the one in my profile are way old.


No training to speak of so I'll put in my food log for today. Had a cheat meal of bananna
whole wheat protein waffels, I love these.
2 scoops Low Carb Metabolic Drive bananna cream
1 cup whole wheat pancake mix

The real cheat part was using syrup, I fight in my head with using a sugar free syrup because they use
sugar alcohol in all the ones I've looked at. The debate is "natural" sugar v. sugar alcohol?
7 calories per gram of alcohol v. 9 calories per carb? I don't eat much if any sugar through out the week
so until I find a quality substitue I'll keep with the "natural" stuff. Anyone have a suggestion?

4 egg white
2 whole eggs

2nd meal
8oz lean ground beef

3rd meal
protein waffle
8oz 2% milk- pefer whole milk but don't drink it much and the wife likes 2% so thats what we have

4th meal
8oz lean ground beef

5th meal
1 large chicken thigh
1 cup peas

6th meal
1 large chicken thigh

Why chicken thighs you might ask, found a deal on precooked chicken breasts, heat and eat 5lbs for $14,
so without double checking I grabbed a bag, got home and found out they had the thighs right next to the breasts. Shit happens.


Calories 2937
fat 140g
carbs 198g
protein 226g

Sorry if I'm to anal about the breakdown, don't want to raise my intake to fast.

Ready to lift tomorrow!


There's only 4 cals per gram of Carb, not 9 like you wrote.

I'd go for the natural sugar over alcohol if I had to choose. But that's just me. Leave the alcohol to the Whisky treat!



Good catch, on the carbs 4gs for protein and carbs, 9 for fat and 7 for alcohol, not sure what I was thinking.


Good session today, not great but good. Still getting a feel for DC and am loving it, best power workout feel I've had in some time.

Preacher curl
warm up- 20lb band 2x20
working- 75x31

Reverse curls
warm up- preacher curls
working- 75 2x8

seated calf raise
warm up- 205x15

leg curls
warm up- 75x15
working- 115x15*

warm up- 135x15
working- 205x8 255x8
WM- 255x12

The glaring problem is that 12 by the WM, nothing more than pussed out, should have made it. Better grow a pair before the next one comes around.
Ok on to the rest of the session.
Reverse curls hurt my brachioradialis on my left arm like a mofo, never really done them before but I couldn't get past 8 without wanting to weep like a little kid. The weight didn't bother me and it wasn't like a ripping feeling when you're pushing the muscle it was more someone trying to cut it off one fiber at a time kind of pain, may have to find something else??
Still working on a way to do good calf raises, to be continued.

Will post food later.

BTW LR if you're still following along, I'm enjoying your thread with BBB, hope you get yourself right.