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DC Universe Online


Anyone else giving this/going to give this a shot? Pretty good so far!


I have it. I think I've created at least 4 different characters. Once you pick a name, no one else can grab it....so I'm glad I got in early because the good names are no doubt taken by now.

I like the animation. I doubt Rock Star Games could come close to the way this looks (the animators need a fucking award for this)....but this shit takes up way too much time making it something I will only play for brief periods of time so I am not sure it is worth it.

I have no doubt some people will start living out their lives on this fucking game though.

There were some glitches initially but they seemed to fix them quickly. Dc seems to really want to make it work....but for those of us with real lives and shit to do, you may want to steer clear.


I'm considering giving it a go, but after Prof X's review I don't know if I can dedicate that type of time to it. I was hoping to buy something that didn't have time requirements similar to WoW but would be a good time suck to wind down at nights.


I still play it just to move around the city. This honestly gives anything Marvel came out with as far as Spiderman a solid run for its money as far as creating an open sand box type of world.

Hell, one of my characters has wings and watching him fly is something I could lose much time on.

Also, the first month is free, but it costs 14 bucks a month to maintain after that...and after playing it, I can honestly see why.

You get free reign to create what you want. For instance, all of my characters are black and look like me except for one with an afro. You can create several characters and there are tons of people on line with you.

I am not saying it is a waste...just that you should know what you are getting into when you buy it.

It is a quality game with quality animation and a decent story line...but it takes time and a monthly rent check.


^ Dead space 2. Is my plan for my mental after work deload want to kill things game.


Is DC paying you to like them?


LOL. You are still going off of what I wrote about that Super girl movie. I already gave credit to Marvel for the Avengers cartoon...which is something I have followed since the first episode (you can download them off the PS3 network). I think they may do better than Justice League if they have more time to mature this series.

I am just giving credit where credit is due....and that is coming from someone who owns EVERY spiderman video game put on the Play station since there was a play station. That is why I know they blew Marvel out of the water on this. Even in the best looking spidey game, the characters weren't this fluid and well drawn. DC did a good attempt at a sand box game that allows you to define what you look like.

I personally think that is cool as hell and I am sure things will get better for Marvel and DC in the future.


Published by SOE. Dickheads. Not touching it with a ten foot pole.


I can't get past the $15 bucks a month. It looks great though.


Let me guess, X, you used the "Huge" avatar? :wink:

My highest is a 17 hero at the moment, not really in a rush to level I'm enjoying just exploring the cities. Bat signal and Superman memorial statue are the shit.

A little pissed I can't create a green lantern origin character, but I guess it makes sense.