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DC Universe Online


I'm not a computer game guy. But this trailer looks pretty cool.



I like that Superman is listed as being 220lbs.

I could pick him up! That is so long as he wasn't holding onto a mountain at the time.


I am sure you could. I'll bet he could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose.


Are you guys seeing the Youtube video? All I can see is a white box.



White box.


Man, my best friend is a game junkie. He's been carrying around that Trailer on his Iphone for what seems like a year now. Admitedly it looks (and sounds by the description) pretty damn cool. I may suddenly find myself buying a copy and getting into the whole online MPG thing... I mean, I've been wanting to be Batman since I was 12 -lol, here's my big chance.



Hopefully this works.


Lots of themes/character generation from the MK vs DC game also on the PS3. This looks good no doubt.


Thanks Xander.



Yeah, but he must be desoerately lonely being the last son of Krypton and all.

You would just be preying on his weaknesses.


Damn it I mean lift him!

Though, he is Superman....I'd probably have to let him have his way with me...if he were into that sort of thing, y'know.


You know what would suck?

Being Lois Lanes new boyfriend.

I mean, having Superman drunk calling, showing up in the middle of the night, having X-ray vision...


damn that looked awesome


I may have to get a PS3 just to play this game.


You just described the plot of Superman Returns.