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DC Training Thread (Part 5)


Why was part 4 locked after only 2 pages of posts?? Anyway bump to DC Training =]


Heard of it... overrated.


It has a huggggee following and has produced some extremely big strong guys for being "overrated."

Not saying its the end all be all of training. But it incorporates what has been proven to be the very best at stimulating growth. Intensity and progression.


I couldn't agree with you more scott 0=)

This is gonna be my 4th time around with DC. Here are some results from my most recent blast:

DB Press: 1x11 @ 90lb --> 1x16 @ 105
DB Incline Press: 1x17 @ 80lb --> 1x12 @ 105
DB Shoulder Press: 1x17 @ 60lb --> 1x15 @ 80lb
Rack Dead: 1x3 @ 455lb --> 1x1 @ 555lb
Squat: 1x3 @ 315lb --> 1x1 @ 365lb
Deadlift: 1x1 @ 355lb --> 1x3 @ 405lb
Hammer Curl: 1x15 @ 50lb --> 1x10 @ 90lb (dirty reps, mind u)

Anyway, I'm thinking about going 3-way split this time around. The only reason is for a shorter workout time due to busy work schedule. I know 2-way is the most generally recommended and I have no doubt on its validity but after careful consideration, the 3-way split is really more schedule friendly for me. Here's what I came up with for next blast:


Incline concentration curl 22-30
Pinwheel Curl 1x12-20; 1x8-10
Hammer Strength Pulldown 12-20
Smith Row 1x6-10; 1x10-15

DB Press 22-30
Seated Smith Military Press 12-20
Rope Pushdown 22-30

Rope pushdown is not conventional but through trials I have discovered it works TRULY well for my triceps

Seated calves
Lying Leg Curl 12-20
Back Squat 1x6-10; 1x20

EZ-Bar Preacher Curl 22-30
Hammer Curl 1x12-20; 1x8-10
Stretchers 12-20
Rack Dead 1x6-10; 1x10-12

Smith Incline Press 11-15
DB Shoulder Press 22-30
Dips 12-20

Calves on hack squat
Seated Leg Curl 12-20
Hack Squat 1x6-10; 1x20

Seated DB Curl 22-30
Hammer Curl 1x12-20; 1x8-10
Chin-ups 12-20
Deadlift 1x3-5; 1x8-10 (higher reps deadlifts don't go that well on me)

Incline DB Press 22-30
Wide Grip Smith Military Press 12-20
Close Grip Smith Press 11-15

Leg Press Calves
Stiff Legged Deadlift 1x6-10; 1x10-12
Front Smith Squat 1x6-10; 1x20



I sympathize with the duration of DC workouts on the 2-way. My workouts were always at least an hour and a half since I am generally an out of shape powerlifter. The only issue is that you won't be able to progress as fast on the 3 way as you would on the 2-way since you aren't hitting the bodyparts as often due to the lower frequency. Your last blast results look great so I wouldn't try to fix something that isn't broken. If at all possible, I would recommend not going to the 3 way since you will be able to make faster gains on the 2-way.


I think he was being sarcastic


I understand what you mean. The result definitely won't be as great as a 2-way. Three way splits are generally prescribed for advanced trainees with lagging parts. Maybe in the future I will get back on 2-way but I just started a full time job (2 weeks in) and it's been difficult juggling my personal life around the work schedule, hence I opt for the 3-way as opposed to 2-way. Once I'm adjusted to this new schedule, I will most likely be back on the 2-way (perhaps next blast!)



You have no idea who you're quoting, do you dude, lol...


listen, i realize the guys that do DC training are very defiant of anyone daring to tinker with their beloved system. Now, those that say you will make better progression on the 2 way split, my problem with that is this, when you do say chest, shoulder back and bis, I know from my personal training if i were to do that, by the time i get to back, I'm wiped out. how can you put forth the needed effort, to stimulate your back, if your already dead tired and weak. you just can't. yes, i understand the volume is low, but still, you won't be able to give the needed attention to the bodyparts later in the workout.

I do a 3 way split, yet i work each bodypart the same frequency as the 2 way, plus i mix other things in their along with dc training. Nothing is ever set in stone. You should always experiment to what works best for you.


First off, Bis are trained with legs in case anyone gets confused. And secondly, the order is there for a reason. Its so you can kill your back at the end of the workout and stumble on home afterward. Of course your going to be tired on the 2-way with chest/shoulders/tris first, but just because you were too wiped to train back does not mean their is anything wrong with the setup in general.

I am not going to argue DC training with you, though. There is more than enough info on it. Tweak it however you see fit, but don't bastardize the system by changing the bodyparts and frequency and call it DC training. Its fine that you use a lot of DC principles, but telling guys that are asking about the system to switch things up (especially at the OPs level) is bad advice IMO.


i absolutely don't call it DC training. I call it roguevampire training. You seem to be the people that go nuts about someone daring to change something in their precious system. everything is meant to be changed and tweaked.


Funny of you to think Dante didnt consider what you are mentionning rogue.

Funny how all advanced DC guys have shitty backs too..



And Quads. Obviously they are too tired to stimulate them properly.


I'm sure it works, never said it didn't. but for me, doing all those bodyparts in one workout isn't the best way to train. but thats me.


No Rogue, really. I think you should give Scotty the DC rundown...

I'm not sure if he really "gets" it yet.


haha ya, what would scott know about dc training...


There are things i like about dc training that I incorporate into my training. like the rest pause sets but i also use something called Myo Reps. its similiar to dc but the rest pauses are done differently.


Anyone know an alternatives to tricep stretch? I just cannot get my left tricep to stretch in that position without getting a very uncomfortable feeling coming from my shoulder...


Yes. I had made a nice paint of that very stretch in part 2 or 3 but I guess this will be better.. lol


Bottom position of parallel bars dip.