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DC Training Thread (Part 4)


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Suck day at the gym today. Missed half my lift by 1-2 reps with the same weight today. Mental barrier that caused me to fail before I even stepped into the gym. Last weeks WM on the hack had a glimpse of exertion headache on rep 18. Stopped immediately as I have delt with this 2-3 different times over the last 5 years. Completely paranoid today that it would come on full strength! suck, suck, suck


Might as well post the (relatively) new blast...

DB Incline Press -- 20-30 RP
BB Military -- 11-15 RP
Decl. Skullcrusher -- 20-30 RP
Unilateral Cable Pulldown -- 15-20 RP
Rack Pull -- Light: 10-12 SS, Heavy: 4-8 SS

DB Curl -- 20-30 RP
Zottman Curl -- 11-20 SS
Seated Calf -- 10-12 SS
45 deg. Back Ext. -- 15-20 RP
Leg Press -- 6-10 SS + WM

BB Incline Press -- 11-15 RP
DB Military -- 11-15 RP
V-Grip Pressdown -- 15-25 RP
Sup. Pulldowns -- 15-20 RP
BB Row -- Light: 10-12 SS, Heavy: 6-8 SS

EZ Curl -- 11-15 RP
Hammer Curl -- 11-20 SS
Leg Press Calf -- 10-12 SS
Lying Leg Curl -- 15-20 RP
Back Squat -- 4-8 SS + WM

HS Incline Press -- 11-15 RP
Arnold Press -- 20-30 RP
CGBP -- 11-15 RP
Wide Pulldown -- 15-20 RP
Chest Supp. Row -- 15-20 RP

Preacher EZ Curl -- 11-15 RP
Pinwheel Curl -- 11-20 RP
Standing Calf -- 10-12 SS
Machine (not hack) Squat -- 4-8 SS + WM
RDL -- Light: 12-15, Heavy: 8-10

Okay, question time:

1) I'm pretty happy with most of these movements, except for the tail end of B3, with squats before RDL. I didn't notice this for a long time, because I was getting used to the movements; now that I'm using more weight, I'm starting to get nervous that I'll end up crapping out a vertebra. I'd rather ditch the squat than the RDL, since the way it loads me is different enough from a bar that I can't get as tight. However, I'm cognizant of the fact that I have two hip extension movements in my hamstring rotation. My thoughts are these:

a) Front Squat and RDL or
b) Seated Leg Curl and Machine Squat

If I had a hack squat machine available, I'd probably use that. Thoughts?

2) I just failed to improve on DB incline presses, and while I'm loath the get rid of them, I know I'm supposed to. The struggle is at lockout, though, and I feel like my triceps are failing me rather than chest, just because I'm trying to get 20-30 RP. Would you be inclined to reduce the number of reps and keep going up in weight, or swapping the exercise?

Any other suggestions are of course appreciated.


Little bit of bump, little bit of update:

1) Switched the B3 exercises to Seated Leg Curl and Zercher Squat. That seems really random, I know, but I played around with the Zerchers while warming up on a different leg day and liked them. I didn't know what they'd do to my back when I loaded them heavy, so I played it safe with leg curls. I also played with barbell hacks and it was no go; big ass, short arms.

2) Bit the bullet on DBIP and switched the exercise to DB Decline presses.


hey i was wondering if someone could take a look at my DC setup. ive been toying around with some of the exercises and principles of DC for about 6 months now and i finally decided to put something together. hopefully scott or ceph will drop by and take a look.

1a -

HS flat press (11-15)
Smith High Incline (11-20)
In-human press (11-20)
rack chins to front (15-30)
rack deads (6-10) (10-12)

1b -
Alt DB curls (11-20)
pinwheels (10-20ss)
seated calf (dc protocol)
lying leg curl (15-30)
front squat (4-6) WM on hack squat

2a -
Smith low incline press (11-15)
HS shoulder press (11-20)
SM reverse grip press ( 11-20)
neutral grip pull down (15-30)
t-bar row (6-8)(8-10)

2b -
barbell curl (11-20)
reverse curl (10-20ss)
standing calf (DC protocol)
seated leg curl (15-30)
leg press (4-6) WM

3a -
HS Decline press (11-15)
DB shoulder press (15-30)
deadstop extension (15-30)
HS pull down (15-30)
HS iso-row (6-8) (8-10)

3b -
HS preacher (11-20)
hammer curl (10-20ss)
toe press (dc style)
sumo leg press (pushing from heels) (15-30)
Hack (6-8) WM

any help would be stellar.


I'll take a look at it once I get back from training...

One thing though: You have all your chest work in the 11-15RP range. That's fine, but if chest is a weak area or if your arms are very strong, it may help to keep it at 12-20 or more I've found. Also helps to have a bit of a lighter day in the rotation... Makes for longer blasts with less joint/tendon discomfort, but not necessary for younger guys I guess.


thanks ceph! i'll adjust that. chest is a weak point. maybe i'll switch out HS decline and do low incline DB (15-30).

anything else?


Just a general question has anyone done the one and a half rep for any movement. The example Dante gave was for back rows I believe were he wants you to bring the bar to you chest then control the neg half way down then bring the bar back to your chest. This whole motion is considered one rep.

I was just wondering if anyone has done this and for what movement they have done it with. I am thinking about doing this for neutral grip pulldowns because I feel when I stretch too much at the top my arms take over the movement. Any ideas?


if i remember the post correctly, i think he said he only uses that if someone is severely lacking back thickness. so, i wouldnt use it for a pull down. i've used if for chest supported t bar.


The context of that suggestion was guys who have trouble using and feeling the correct muscles when doing rowing movements. It's a short term implementation just to help build some mind muscle connection not a long term strategy.


Generally speaking all DB pressing exercises are done for 20-30rp. 15-30 might be okay in some cases, but just remember that you've got to kick those things up 3 times, twice after having gone to failure. Unless you have a training partner (or 2) handy to hand you the DB's in place, then it might get a little tricky getting into position for your 2nd and especially 3rd rp sets once the weight starts to get up there.

Also, you don't always have to do 2 sets for back thickness exercises. For things like deads and rack deads, yeah you want one set of anywhere from 4-8, and one somewhere around 8-12+. But for things like rows you can just go with a single straight set. Generally 8-12 is the suggested rep range, but if you know you respond better to a different rep range, then you can use that.


ok. 20-30rp makes sense for dumbbells. i took that into consideration and originally bumped it from 11-15 to 15-20 but if 20-30 is the way to go, i'll give it a shot.

i'll change the rows to one straight set for sure on that recommendation. i've always generally trained in the 4-6 rep range so maybe ill bump it up to 8-12 and see how that works for me.

on another note, i had my first real DC session tonight. it kicked my ass. i had to come home and nap for an hour!

i feel like the triceps stretch irritated my shoulder. any suggestion on why that could be? to be honest, im sure i have to keep trying it until i can find a way that works for my structure. but any suggestions on how to do it effectively would be awesome.


The regular tricep stretch does that for many... Think it's a shoulder structure thing maybe... Bicep tendon... Make sure you retract your shoulder blades and all that, play around with the stretch until you feel the right position (leaning back much or not), or try the dip stretch or some such, or maybe a stretch like the strethch pos. of the PJR pullover (maybe with an EZ bar and a little wider grip if close irritates shoulders).


PJR actually makes sense. those dont bother my shoulders at all.


i dont know if this is necessarily directly DC related but (i dont think i can say what its called either) has anyone tried massiveG's concoction? i can list the ingredients but i dont think i can give the title of the product. if so, how is it? i ordered 4 tubs of it and havent received them yet but im just curious if anyone has experience with it. is it worth the money i spent?


He has 2. If you are talking about powdered muscle then yes. It is worth the money. That combined with some caff capsules and your set.


Just as a little update (used to be more active here long ago, gone into more of a lurker mode) I've been using DC for about the last 18-24 months or so (with a brief Hiatus to try out the I,BB stuff as a change of pace) and I'm up around 237 right now. Going to finish out this blast, cruise, and then start cutting for 12-16 weeks.

I'll post results on that in about 6 months or so. Hoping to come in at around 6-8% anywhere from 195-200 at 5'9"

DC is going great, I'm loving working out 3 days a week ALL OUT and looking thicker than ever. Hopefully the cut will really help me bring out the look I have been working towards for about 6 years now.


Yeah just re-read that thread. Thank both of you straightening that out.


damn! i can say XXXXXX muscle? XXXXXX MUSCLE. crazy. but yes, that is what i ordered. im stoked then. should be here early this week.


product title removed.


I said it just for clarification purposes. It probably needs to be put to bed from here on out to avoid any issues with the mods. Good luck with it.


ya, i was just f-ing around. i'll delete that post.