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DC Training Thread (Part 2)


Seems as its full up, heres the new one, will post my new blast for hopefully no critisism :stuck_out_tongue:


Monday (1A)
Incline Smith press 11-15rps
Front Smith Press 11-20rps
Reverse grip smith bench 11-20rps
Pull Downs to Front 11-15 rps
Rack Deadlift 10-12 (straight set) then 6-8 (straight set)

Wednesday (1B)
BB Curls 11-20 rps
Reverse curls 11-20 (straight set)
HS Seated Calf Raise 10-12 (straight set)
Seated Leg Curls 15-30rps
Back Squat 6-10 (straight set)+widowmaker

Friday (2A)
Flat Dumbell Press 11-15rps
Machine Military Press 11-20rps
Close grip smith bench 11-20rps
Rack Chins to Front 11-15rps
Deadlifts 10-12 (straight set) then 6-8 (straight set)

Monday (2B)
BB Preacher Curls 11-20rps
Wrist Curls 11-20 (straight set)
Standing Calf Raise 10-12 (straight set)
SLDL 10-20 (straight set)
HS Leg Press 6-10 straight set + 20reps widowmaker

Wednesday (3A)
Floor Press 11-20 rps
Dumbell Press 11-20 rps
Skull crushers 11-20 rps
HS Pulldown 11-15 rps
T-Bar Row 10-12 (straight set) then 6-8 (straight set)

Friday (3B)
HS Machine Curls 11-20 rps
Pinwheel Curls 10-20 (straight set)
Leg Press Calf Raises 10-12 (straight set)
Sumo Press 15-30 rps
Front Squats 6-10+ 20 rep widowmaker


Heard anything from Scott lately? I was surprised that he didn't start the new thread days ago... Must be really busy atm.

Good luck scott, whatever you're busy with :slightly_smiling:

Anyway... Do post it up 300... I promise I won't laugh ;D


HHmmmmm i may rename is DC Training (Ceph is ghey)

Nice thread name no ?



Just telling you guys I love pinwheel curls. That's as far in DC as I go. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably busy drinking, not dieting, and hitting on fat chicks.


I expected something more... classy...
You're supposed to act British, remember?


You should post your exercise selection in that "most useless piece of gym equipment" thread, just to piss off all the little kids who are going on and on about how the smith machine sucks. Maybe they'll all have a collective heart-attack upon seeing this... Good for us.

15-30RP is what I'd do... Triceps long-head tear safety, form and imo it's easier to make your lats do the work if you aren't trying to lift a ton here. But it's your call.

And don't you skip that one, old sport :wink:

Liking 6-10 better than 4-8 here? (just curious)

15-30RP unless you for some reason have no trouble getting the 130's-170's or whatever into position again twice after going to failure and all that

Tucked and arched or flared and flat? (just curious)

15-30RP imo, or at least 12-20RP

Hmm. You did rack pulls and back squats the previous sessions. Can your low-back take that over the course of a few months?


SLDL is done at the end of the session, usually (low-back involved). ALso, this is becoming a bit of an issue as you have rack pulls, back squats, deadlifts and SLDL's in a row...

15-30RP imo

How are you doing those? To the head or to behind head -> onto bench? If it's the former, then I'd go 15-30RP for the sake of your tricep tendons/elbow health...

12-20RP (I'd normally say 15-30RP, but with hs machines I guess you can go a bit heavier safely

You can do a free-weight front-squat widowmaker without choking to death? I hate you. :wink:

Ok well, main issue is low-back involvement... I'd space that out more, May want to drop either deadlifts or rack pulls for sure, because 2 heavy pulls in two weeks coupled with back squats, SLDL's and such (and t-bars also involve the low-back if done free-standing... Normally not a problem, but with all the other low-back loading you're frying your low back 4 times in 2 weeks with a fifth heavy isometric session) really poses some injury risk and definitely will cut your blasts short.

The other "problem" is just that you're going rather low in reps on many of the DB press movements and backwidth work, but that's still up to you.

Sorry for the critique, just trying to keep my favorite Englishman from breaking his back in two :wink:


Cheers Cephalic as always no sarcasm intended :slight_smile:

Allright seems i overlooked the whole lower back issue.

Tried to fit in far to many into the cycle.

Allright let me re jig it per your observations.

(seriously thanks )


All my benching is arched to be honest, way i was thought it now dont give it any thoughts at all i naturally do it.

As for my Front Squat i use the wrist straps to secure it :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of the trying to hold my arms crossed position.

Makes life so much easier, addmittedly i wont be able to progress very far but for now ala bang for buck ill add it in.



Yes admittedly i did become like a dog in heat and blew everything out for a month.

But hey graduated, its summer and i was getting VERY fed up force feeding every day it was really grating on my nerves.

So now im all refreshed so i can go back and enjoy the gym again, i know i lost ALOT due to my letting it go but im sure it will return



what exercise would you replace deads with?


Kroc Rows or HS low rows or something like that...


<- That makes no sense whatsoever. Sorry Lord British, try again.


Back squats to 2B to avoid low-back overlap with rack pulls from 1A... You can do the HS leg press here instead.

Put back squats here.

You have t-bars twice in the routine. Unless one is chest supported and the other is free-standing? I'd replace one with kroc rows or seated cable rows or HS rows.

Oops, forgot that this is actually not RP'ed. Straight set 15-25 or something like that if I remember right. Gotta really make your hams do the work here.

Ok then.

I do that as well... Maybe you are able to bring your shoulders forward to a greater extent or something, dunno, but the "right" bar position chokes me slightly. (adds up when doing 20 reps)
I generally switch to the hack machine or leg press for the widow due to that (or whatever exercise I don't yet have in my blast).

As I said... I'd do front-squats for the heavy set and do the widow on a different exercise or maybe in the smith machine (still front-squatting). There you can safely push the bar a away from your neck to some degree. (Wojo demonstrated that in the DVD and it may be on youtube, dunno)

Ok, all that's left to do is switch back squats and leg press around and replace one of the t-bar rows with a different row to avoid having t-bars twice and you're good to go.


From my research ... cable rows, hs rows, bb rows, db rows, smith rows... all sorts of rows that you can change up with different grips, angles (incline, seated, bent over, etc), and 1 arm or 2 arm variations. I believe I've read where DC doesn't encourage db rows and emphasizes being very careful with bb rows, but don't quote me on any of this. Go over to IM and do an Advanced Search for "back thickness" threads only (you may have to register for an account to do this I'm not sure).


Regarding the 15-30 reps RP for DBs, I think I've also seen it listed to where you could do 11-15 reps SS, because as C_C points out it might be too difficult to rest pause on a heavier weight. I really need to go back and archive all this information I've read; otherwise, it's worth a grain of salt. I've read thousands of posts on DC between IM and the T-Cell and Bodybuilding DC threads here at TNation in the last month for my research, and after a while you begin to forget where you heard what and from who (i.e. is it a reputable source?).

I'm almost positive I recall DC list forearms in the 10-12 SS range and biceps in the 15-20 RP range, and I second C_C's mentioning any tricep-extension exercise needing to be in the 15-30 RP range for a safety precaution.

Again the best way to know all this, though, is to read the Stickies at IM and find out for yourself. :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: my tendency to use words such as "I believe/think/recall/etc" is to ensure I don't give out any improper information, because the only true source is from the mouth of DC himself and maybe a few other trusted trainees of DC like In Human. I've never done DC training in complete and most of you are far beyond my level of lifting, but I've done a shit load of DC research recently and feel I have some value to offer here. Okay, that's my little disclaimer.


Went in for a B day and had to leave before finishing hams.

Quick update: did a short one week cruise about 4 weeks ago where I didn't lift at all. 4 weeks later and I had a somewhat crappy A workout on monday and couldn't finish my workout today. I had nothing. Didn't really feel tired (laid down for an hour and popped caffeine pre WO as usual) but just didn't have anything "extra" and didn't feel strong, same as Monday.

I'm under a shit ton of stress lately (bar review being a primary factor) and i'm not sleeping all that well. Ordered a bottle of True Protein sleeping pills last week; should get them any day now. Hoping they can ease my mind at night and let me fall asleep faster (already been taking ZMA for 1.5 years).

I'm thinking about a full week off followed by 1 week of maintenance training, while continuing morning cardio. If this doesn't do the trick I may have to drop down to two rest pause sets, or maybe stop DC this summer (only as a last resort).

Really annoying since I had just gotten back to my previous weights from the last blast and was hoping to make more progress before I had to do this.

I also think I have to switch some exercises. I haven't been progressing on EZ bar curls, and the back of my right knee hurts anytime I do a type of leg curl (really lame). I have access to a GHR, would just need to figure out a way to carefully monitor weight progression (they have chains and shit at my gym that I could hang on my neck but not sure of their weight). They also have a reverse hyper which i've never used; may have to hit that up.

Summer of lame!!!!


Whats doing all...Im new to the site andI need some help bad.. I've been lifting for quite some time now and this is the first time I've read about DC training... And its blowing my mind. I am going to be starting Monday using the exact workout provided in the thread i read about DC here on the site...

My question is that i need help fully understading what RP, SS, and Widowmakers are... Now again Im not a newbie to the iron house but ive just never been introduced to these types...so i humble myself to my gym rat brothers and hope someone can help me out real quick.... I appreciate it..


New Milestone: Romanian DLs: 225 x 17