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DC Training Setup for Weak Bodyparts?

Anyone with experience on DC training how do you go about setting up a training split that focuses on weak bodyparts?

are you using 2 way or 3 way?

Dante used to reccomend a “widomaker” straight set of 12-20 reps after your DC set for lagging parts.

I was going to set up the 3 way. Thanks for the tip. I’ll do the 12-20 straight set then.

Can someone look at this template who has DC training experience please? I’ve got 20 years lifting experience but am terrible with program design and sticking to a plan. I want to get this right and would love an opinion on the following split. My plan is to rotate through the workouts like this example:

Week 1 Mon: A1, Tue: B1, Wed: Rest, Thurs: C1, Fri: A2, Sat & Sun: Rest
Week 2 Mon: B2, Tue: C2, Wed: Rest, Thurs: A3, Fri: B3, Sat & Sun: Rest

I plan to hit it hard for 6 weeks and then deload for the 7th week and repeat. I raised the RP reps target as recommended for lifters over 34. Below is the actual split.

DC training with a focus on traps and delts. RP = Rest Pause, SS = 1 Straight Set

Training Split.
Combo Workout Focus Exercises

A1 Chest, Delts, Triceps DB Bench Press RP 15-30, Side Lateral Cables SS 12-20, Rear Laterals Dumbbells seated facing incline bench SS 12-20, Close-Grip Bench Press RP 15-30

B1 Back, Traps, Biceps Underhand Pulldowns RP 15-30, DB Seal Rows RP 15-30, DB Shrugs RP 20-30, Barbell drag curls RP 20-30, Hammer Curls (SS 10-20 reps)

C1 Legs Seated Leg Curls RP 15-30, Seated Calf Raises SS 10-12 reps (start on big toe then 5 second negative then 10-15 second stretch then repeat), Squats(SS 6-10 reps, 3-5 min. rest then 20 rep widowmaker)

Training Split.
Combo Workout Focus Exercises

A2 Chest, Delts, Triceps Flat Bench Press RP 15-30, Seated DB OH Press RP 15-30, Upright Rows SS 12-20, Dips RP 15-30

B2 Back, Traps, Biceps Lat Pulldowns RP 15-30, Chest Supported Rows RP 15-30, Hiss Shrugs RP 20-30, Preacher Curls RP 20-30, Reverse Curls SS 10-20

C2 Legs Standing Calf Raises, Hack Squats(6-10 rep straight set, 3-5 min. rest then 20 rep widowmaker), Abductor Machine SS 12-20, Far step walking lunges for glutes and hams BW max reps set

Training Split.
Combo Workout Focus Exercises

A3 Chest, Delts, Triceps Standing Overhead Press RP 15-30, Low Incline DB Press RP 15-30, Lateral Delts Machine SS 12-20, Rear Delts Machine SS 12-20, Lying French Press RP 20-30

B3 Back, Biceps Pull-Ups RP 15-30, EZ Curls RP 20-30, Pinwheel Curls SS 10-20 reps, Dorian Deadlifts SS 6-9 reps + 9-12 reps

C3 Legs Seated Leg Curls RP 15-30, Calf Press On Leg Press Machine, Leg Press(6-10 rep straight set with foot position for quads, 3-5 min. rest then 20-25 rep widowmaker with Sumo foot position to favor glutes and hams)

The setup looks nice. You can always go to the actual website as well. Intensemuscle.com.
Although I’d warn you not to ask too many questions. They look at it as you not being ready for that type of training if you have to ask questions about it.

Thanks for the feedback. I did post this at that forum but haven’t gotten a response.

Oh okay. Technically you could use the weighted stretching for bringing up weak points, but to be honest it’s not really mandatory. It is, but it isn’t, if you catch my drift.

I used to keep everything as prescribed, but rotate the SS to my weak parts once a week or so. Then rotate them back to mostly lower body movements. That way I didn’t have to tweak the layout all that much.

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the only thing i would change is a3 when you do DB OHP then go to slight incline dB. Im worried your front delts will be too fatigued to fully wreck your chest. A slight decline DB press would be better option or do heavy cable chest flys, then a press movement

Thanks, I think i’ll do the decline DB press instead. I have the OHP movement first because I want to prioritize my shoulders over chest as my chest is further along than my shoulders.

Thanks, I’ll give the weighted stretching a go as I’ve never done it and it seems it might help with mobility? Did you notice this benefit yourself?

For the most part I’d say yea. At least concerning my upper body.

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