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DC Training and the Pump?


I have started back doing this program once again. I will admit, I don't follow it to the letter, so perhaps its not really dc training that im following. Theres just a couple of issues i have with it. Like, doing all all bodyparts in 2 workouts. But i do like the low volume, rest pause sets, etc..

My question for anyone who follows this, is how do you get over not doing more sets to really get that pump we all strive to get.

And also, just curious to what sort of gains you guys have made, both strength and size, but more importantly, size.




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I have a hunch where this is going....

hint: alot of quoting.


As anyone doing DC will tell you... if you change it in any way, it ain't DC!

I liked DC because it works well with my "all-out" attitude in the gym. However, I got a lot of overuse injuries and such from it. It could be my age though. I don't recuperate as well as a young gun.


I prefer to do what Bruce Lee said, "Take what is usefull, and discared what is useless and make it your own." meaning, Everyone should tweak a system to their individual needs.


well some one has gotta start...



I get a great pump from the RP stuff, volume doesn't dictate the pump intensity does.


The concept of DC training doesn't primarily focus on "that pump". But as you said, your're not following it to the letter so you can basically just find an excersise to rep out with and get that pump you want.


I am a bit confused by your post. You have been involved in several threads and/or topics regarding DC and have all this information already. As stated above, if you change the program then it is not DC anymore. And who gives a shit what Bruce Lee says. This is a program that is laid out for you and is to be run the EXACT way that it is laid out. Dante didn't just wake up one morning and jot this shit down and call it gospel. Years of trial and error.

As far as your question regarding its effectiveness, yes it works. Yes people get stronger. Yes people get bigger. Yes it will break you down if you don't listen to your body. And if you did the program as it was laid out, with the intensity that is required to make DC effective then you would not want or feel the need to do any EXTRA sets because you would be fuckin gassed. Do it right or just leave it alone.......


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That's the thing, I don't believe he is trolling.





For someone who has forgotten more about training then I (Blackaggar) will ever know you certainly ask a lot of stupid questions, fat ass

And dont ask how your question is stupid, it will simply just make you look even more ignorant and surprisingly yes that is still possible, even at this point.



Yeah, you're right. Bruce Lee was THE bodybuilding epitome of mass and strength.


I respect the guys who follow it to the letter. But heres a problem I have with it. On the first workout, you do chest, tris, bis, back width & back thickness. Even though, there are limited sets, by the time you get to back and back is a major muscle group, I wouldn't have the necessary energy to use the amount of weights to really work the back. I prefer to spread out the muscle groups per workout a bit more. Dante is a well informed person and knows his stuff. But so do many others. Hes not the end all be all of bodybuilding.

Lets just say, dc training is a part of mma, just like muay tai is. and id rather do mma, period. thats why I referenced Bruce lee, who is considered the father of mma. He took the positives from many different styles to form is own.