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DC Training and the Hebbian Rule


I tried doing my own research on the Hebbian Rule, but the search results were minimal at best. DC training is undoubtedly working for many people, and it's something I'm seriously considering in the future. However, taking each exercise to 3 muscular failure points, times that by 4-5 exercises, which comes out to be 12-15 points of muscular failure in a single workout makes me wonder how does DC work so well for so many people inspite of "breaking" the Hebbian Rule?



What's the Hebbian Rule


A rule states that thing "A"(DC training in this case) should not work.

"A" does work... really freaking well.

Time to reevaluate whether or not this rule has any place in bodybuilding.


Only rule in putting on muscle is do what works for you.

End of rules.


I would echo what 300 is saying here.

Since when does a number of "failure points" matter in building muscle?


Since we needed to start over-analyzing every stupid fucking concept of training.


hmm....I was going to agree with this, but I'm going to have to think about that some more, read up and current literature of over-analysis and how it correlates with "supid fucking training concepts". Once I've created a model for testing the theory, I'll run it by some collegues and get back to you.

So, for now..


*Pending further review.


what specific principle or rule is being violated by DC that makes it working counterintuitive or violative of anything? from what you are saying it sounds like going to failure is the problem?

DC is premised on frequency, intensity and progressive overload, so assuming other parameters (rest, diet) are lined up it makes sense.

perhaps view DC as what it has IN COMMON with other successful approaches?



I'll continue to use primitive philosophies of "Lift heavy shit and eat big" until the new breakthrough.


Columbus, Magellan and the like were given a list of "failure points" when they proposed their respective journeys to their backers, too.



Lifting is not that complicated. If you want to try DC why dont you go to the gym and experiment instead of wondering it upholds to Hebbian, Murphy's Law, or Occam's Razor.


David Henry probably hasn't heard of this rule, you know?


It's like Wiley Coyote, he can stand in mid air until he looks down.... DC training works until you doubt it's efficacy (use the force my young padewon -lol)





WTF are you talking about? I've studied graduate level motor control and I have no idea what you are getting at.


I'm with the OP I mean these DC guys think they are sooo fuckin bad ass. Scott M and CC think they are the shit, but they have never shown pics have they? They are just really lucky that the advice they give turns out ok, because they just bullshit it. Everyone knows that if a trainee breaks the Hebbian Rule they will always remain small.



It works because it allows for rapid progressive overload, without neglecting any muscle groups, and it increases the potential for muscle growth in the fascia through weighted stretching.

Add to that the trainees are advanced guys that know their bodies very well, and they are eating a ton of protein/calories.


I've read a lot of Dante's stuff, but I can't think of many actual scientific breakdowns of the physiological aspects either from him or anyone else. The issue is (I think, unless there is literature on it somewhere) that Dante tries to keep it simple, and claims that most of what formulated for the routine was observed through big guys he knew growing up.


What is it exactly that you are having such a hard time understanding?


...progressive overload at accelerated rates...