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DC Training and AAS


I am currently on a Dogg Crap work out cycle, and I was wondering, since I am also in a middle of an AAS cycle (Test P 100mg/day, Tren A 50mg/day, Deca 250mg/week), if I should stay as per the programm and train every two days as prescribed by the DC programm or since I have AAS, my body will recuperate enough to train every day.

My work out split is

day 1, 3 and 5: chest, shoulders triceps and back
Day 2, 4 and 6: biceps, calves, hamstrings and quads
abs every 48 hrs

So far, I work out every day (6 days/week) and I feel ok.



Just stay with your program. The cycle will allow you to workout harder and push your limits, so just keep it up.

From what i know about DC, if you do ANYTHING to change it that is not suggested by Dante himself, then he does not consider that DC.

Remember that DC is also used for enhanced bodybuilders, and there are ways to increase the intensity of DC while sticking to the ‘rules’ of the program.

For example i assume you are doing 1 working set which have 3 rest/pause sets within, except for back thickness and squats which you do 2 sets and no rest/pause?

If so you can also add statics to the rest pause sets and you can even do 2 working sets on those exercises too. This (if done correctly which i will get to) should cause enough trauma to benefit from the extra time off.

On that subject, (frequency of training) i also know that the 3x/wk plan is just one option and there is also a 3 day split that is done over 4 sessions a week (IIRC at least) - this may be useful if you use the higher volume template.

Having spoken to a number of DC advocates, i think the general consensus is if you are training 6 days a week you aren’t training with enough intensity.
Even for someone assisted you should be training with an intensity that makes daily training unwarranted and undesired.

From MY experience of the regime, it is wholly possible to work very hard during a single DC set but STILL not be doing enough to stimulate growth - so put simply, it is VERY difficult to actually train to the sort of failure necessary to spark growth in just one working set. It IS possible (considering that you can have upwards of 3 sets IN that 1 work set) but this is why it is called an advanced program, because one needs a certain level of experience to push it like that.

For example, i can train to ‘failure’ 3 times in a set (for each rest pause set) and call it a day. i will have worked hard - and i will have strained… but this would not be the most work i could do and the plan requires you do more than that.
You must train to absolute momentary muscular failure on each ‘part’ of each set, failing at the bottom of the rep AT LEAST (for a regular lifter).

If using AAS i would not be shy to incorporate the rest pauses but 3 of them instead of 2, adding in a static hold (or 3), forced reps and even pulses - and if it wasn’t enough using the second set… I happen to know that two sets of the type of intensity i am talking about is not a walk in the park even for an assisted athlete.

The whole point of DC is to stimulate growth in as little volume as possible, saving calories and becoming efficient in your training - plus high protein, carb cut-offs etc.
If you are training every day, then you really are not following the protocol.


Most see shorter blasts while on rather than longer, larger jumps in weight leading to quicker burnout perhaps.

I don’t see much benefit from statics other than prepping for heavier weights the next time the exercise is trained. Not many on IM seem to rate them.

3 way is normally used when someone has trouble recovering, if you can train 6 times a week this doesn’t sound like you.

You’re not training DC if you’re training 6 days a week, perhaps you have missed other points of DC training too? Why not post your routine in the BB DC forum or over on IM?

Plateau - I like statics but only on some exercises and in some circumstances…

For example, i have begun to use the machine chest flye again after a couple of years, and i enjoy to use a static contraction at the end of each set after some pulses (i don’t train DC bear in mind).

Or i may use them (in a fashion) with something like pressdowns after failure where the final rep i fail on becomes a static hold, but that is just straining to complete a failed rep… and was what i had in mind for the post above.

Other than that i use them in the way you are talking about - massively overloaded static holds/lockout for my squat. I didn’t mean use them in this manner.

You are right about the 3x spilt… not that i knew, but i remember something along those lines as i read what you wrote. I remember because that never made much sense to me (the first time i read it) as coming from a primarily volume training background, i see the split as its primary purpose - to simply allow an increase in volume per bodypart.

Of course in DC this isn’t the reason for it (the 3x split), with the slightly lesser frequency being the goal.


One more thing to contribute which i feel Dante deserves some mention - the AAS blast and cruise protocol.

4 weeks on a blast dose (so very high) and 2 weeks off on a cruise dose (so moderately low).

Now i don’t think this protocol ‘as is’ is worth shit. In fact it is fucking awful and takes nothing into consideration, but it has a (vague) basis in reality which makes for a very good long term practice when done properly.

I only mention it as i have created some better ways of cycling from this fundamental idea and i feel it deserves some accolade for that reason.