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DC Training: 4 Days Rest Per Body Part, Too Much?

Been reading CT’s articles for a while now and lately they have particularly good. I was going to ask about DC training as everyone here has and I will start next Mon… 3 days a week is good I’m just hoping that 4 days rest isn’t too much for body parts. eg. wed. upper body next upper body workout is the following Monday…

Its gets very consistent feedback here over the last 15+ years from doing 3x week

It can/should be brutal once you are a few weeks in so you will be grateful for the rest days

Dante does discuss a 4 day split routine if you check out his IG but you should do a couple runs of the ‘classic’ templates first


@T3hPwnisher wrote something along the lines of “train hard enough that you can’t train more than 3 days a week” (I’m wildly paraphrasing).

Anyway, DC definitely falls into this ideology


It’s been a while since I read Cycling on Pennies but if memory serves 4-day DC is for the assisted. Good read, highly encourage it for anyone planning to run DC.

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sure, probably the case.
I was referring to how he says he has been training guys the last 2 years on his social media, and yeah for more advanced guys and those who know their body who want a bit ‘extra’ for gunz/delts/ weakpoints etc

he also seems to have cut back on rest-pause a bit and replace with widowmakers

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After reading the replies I will definitely start DC training next Monday. I tend to get burned out doing upper/lower 4 days/week. If the smaller muscles (biceps/triceps/rear delts) aren’t getting stronger I’ll add a 4th mini workout in each week just to ‘touch up’ so to speak. Thanks everyone!

You should read the program outlines again… It states somewhere that: “Why choose a shoulder press over lateral raises? Because you can go from 100lbs to 200lbs on the first, and from 25 to 50 on the latter. You’ll get a lot bigger shoulders from adding 100lbs to your press.”

Don’t waste resources on things that are going to add little extra and are going to subtract from your recovery on the big things.

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that’s what I’ll be doing. I figure if I work hard enough I won’t miss out on too much by not adding a 4th workout.

Bodybuilders typically train each muscle once every four to seven days and the amount of “rest” is only too much if you didn’t train enough or hard enough to warrant that amount of rest.

Many people got good results with DC training and other upper-lower routines done three to four times per week, so the rest is not too much.

(I put rest in quotes because many split routines don’t have actually have rest for all muscle groups between sessions because of exercise/muscle overlap.)

Despite there being success with the routine for many people, I think Dante was misleading by questioning the inclusion of isolation exercises if incredible gains in poundages can’t made with them. Granted you can’t make such gains with them, but there are some people who want to bring up every muscle to the biggest they can be, particularly competitive bodybuilders.

Pretty much any routine with compound exercises, a sensible template, and progressive overload is going to give results, so it will likely work for you.


My takeaway from reading the thread that I referred to earlier (Cycling for Pennies) is that Dante intuited that unless he spoke in absolutes with little to no nuance he’d end up support-desking people who didn’t even try to run it as written first.

Or maybe not so much “intuited” as having learned that lesson from experience seeing as he does present the (possible) hypothetical of people wanting to combine it with other sports and/or more work.

I reckon it is not fun to design something that’s tough enough to recover from as is if done properly, and then have people claiming it doesn’t work even though the fault lies with them because they did other stuff on-top of that before even figuring out if they could handle his design.