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DC Test Fest Rooms


OK this is a thread for people to ask and group up on getting and sharing the rooms and cost for the "DC Test Fest" Saturday Jan 14th.

Also be sure to check the seminar thread in the Locker Room I will be posting a Code for the seminar ASAP to get a disount on the rooms.



Hi. I'm looking for some people to share a room with...I'm 20, female, and pretty quiet...let me know if you'd be interested in sharing a room...


Somehow I think making my request for people interested in sharing a room next is not going to be the most successful market positioning effort I've ever made.

Hi. I'm looking for some people to share a room with...I'm 33, male, and pretty noisy...let me know if you'd be interested in sharing a room...


Looking to share a room Friday and Saturday night. PM me if interested.


I'm a 23 year old Exercise Science student (male) from NC looking to share a room for Friday and Saturday night. Are you still in school mj1? Any other kinesiology, biomechanics, exercise sports science folks planning on attending?


I'm 23 years old. I like to work out, take long walks on the beach and...forget that! I just need some roomies.

As of now, I am only going to be in town for Saturday night.

I have no problems with sleeping on the floor if it comes down to that and still paying whatever it costs to split a room.

On top of that I probably won't get us kicked out of the room unless of course someone plies me with tequila, then I can't be responsible for the consequences.

Although a load of tequila would probably make it ever more likely that I will end up sleeping on the floor...at least that's how it has played out in the past.



I can only afford a room if I split the cost so someone please give me an excuse to skip some university! I'm a 22yr old male from England. I don't speak like Hugh Grant but I'll buy my roomies a crate of beer.


John you could quite possibly become my new best friend.
The fact that you are English and I am an Australian living in Ireland could possibly make this the room to be in for others if they want to see some proper European style piss taking and piss drinking. Let's forget the beer for just a second....it won't be long...we'll be right back to the beer.

  1. We all know that Australian's are essentially all bred from criminal stock. So we hate the English for throwing us out but appreciate that our new home ended up being better than being sentenced to Club Med. So plenty of material there.

  2. We ended up coming back to haunt them as we kicked there arses in every sport they invented for the best part of a century.

  3. The English do have ammo now though as they beat us in the Rugby WC (this hurts me more than most because I am a rugby coach and have worked with English players and so was able to contribute in a small way to my own destruction)and they got back the Ashes in the cricket this year.

It's been too long since I spoke about the beer so I can't go on with my list of reasons to be in this room to see the constant niggle that will take place and hilarity that will ensue. Did I mention that John is buying a case of beer....John, I know that you have probably been inundated with requests but please ask people to form a que behind me...naturally if I do end up in this room I'd prefer the 2 other occupants to be non drinking vegans....a case of beer only goes so far.


I need one room and I think my GF may be coming so I don't think I am going to share. If she doesn't and I do have room I will let you all know.


Bump to well Pimip the event and a hope of getting a better idea of the amount of rooms. Honestly all if you have interwt in coming and getting a room it will save cash to let me know ASAP I have to sing a contract monday morn.

After the rooms I book on that deal are gone the rooms are subject to what ever they demand on the price.



Please count me in for one (1) room for sure.




I'm in but my GF is coming so no sharing


Are you hot? :wink:

Do you like getting your ass grabbed?

If so, I'm the roommate for you.

I'm very clean, I don't snore, I like it cold and dark when I sleep.

I'm touchy-feely, but it's all good. Ask Hot AZ and SandyJoyce...oh, and Chris Shugart and Dave Bar and...oh, nevermind.


It's good to see that you have a completely non discriminatory policy.


I'm an equal-opportunity ass grabber!


I'm looking foward to meeting the gang so I can see for myself what your quality control is like....any fool can just run around grabbing arse's will nilly...it takes a real arse technician to ensure that every handful is pure gold.


OK. Now I officially want to go. I heard that some people that know stuff are going to be talking about said stuff, but I could almost care less about that stuff just now. Drinking heavily with guys that run around and smash people AND have funny accents? Now THAT sounds like fun.

Additionally, I will be homeless by then.

AND, I've never been to DC.

AND AND, I might be unemployed at that time.

AND AND AND, I have a grip of unused ff miles.

AND AND AND AND, umm n/m.

pondering things,



Man, seriously, WATCH YOUR BACK! I don't know how much attention you've ever paid to American football, but you must play the position of strong safety when around Nate: NEVER LET ANYONE BEHIND YOU.

Just advice from someone in the know,


I don't know how much attention you've paid to rugby league, but to play at all you have to be ready for this...


Nate might be an arse grabber but wait until he steps out of an evelator in the hotel and gets hit with 20 stone of 'Will Love'....it's just like a bear hug only you need surgery after...I get a bit handsie myself after a few delightful beverages.
p.s: Just jokes Nate...after hearing of your arse grabbing exploits I'll be dissapointed if you don't make a play.


If you come to DC you'll have a bed in my room. What more can I say!

p.s: That is not a homosexual come on....not that there's anything wrong with that...you can be my stunt arse, my decoy and run arse interference for me on Nate.