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DC Test Fest!!! Jan 14th



An AWESOME Xmass present to yourself or a loved one. A great way to start off the new year full of enthusiasm and new info. As well as all the people who have been to a seminar with the Contributor to T-Nation in the past a TON of FUN after hours.

OK it is now 100% I have everything finalized for the most part now. The only thing that will be changing from this pint will be possibly the size of the conference room we need. The Hotel has ball room that separates into three spaces and can be made into a larger room of three sizes as needed. Also there will be the addition of more schwag as it comes in I will start a list very soon and update as it grows.


Saturday Jan 14th In Washington DC

Embassy Suites Hotel Washington, D.C.
1250 22nd Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia,
United States 20037
Tel: +1-202-857-3388 Fax: +1-202-785-2411
Rooms are all suites and will run us $134 a night. So you could easily fit up to 4 per room. I have all this reserved though give me a day or so before calling to get a room I have to think of a neat name (did that see above) for this seminar for the reservations and go sign a contract. Ill let you know when. Another reason to hold off is I may be able to get the price lower yet if I can give them a definite amount of rooms.

Also as I mentioned below there is free made to order breakfast buffet, and happy hour.

Another thing worth note to those who are driving in. Being in Crazy D.C. there is an extra cost for parking it seems 19.95 a day for self parking.

Chris "Spill the beans" Shugart
Dave "Pop Tart" Barr
Dr "the bone Cracker" Ryan
Dan "One means One" John
Alwyn "The Evil Scott" Cosgrove

Also I hear and have been contacted by others who will or may be in attendance, such as Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey. So who knows what else will be happening when it comes down to it.

Rough outline of what the schedule will be.
---A nice little howdy hello thanks for coming WAKE THE HELL UP!!!
--- Now 3-4 one hour presentations.
--Break for lunch
--Raffle the schwag
--1-2 presentations
--Round Table Discussion MC'd by Chris "VD got me Ripped" Shugart
--Open Q&A session
--Head out for dinner and various other festivities on the town.

Early Bird Special (prior to Dec 14th) = $250
Dec. 15 - Jan 13th = $300
At The Door = $400

--- https://www.paypal.com Accepting credit and Debit cards as well as E-checks and bank transfers.
-------The paypal account is philltnation@yahoo.com PLEASE do not attempt to email me here. I started this email address Only for the paypal so you wont receive a response any time soon or At all.
-------The easiest way may be for you to PM me your email address and I can then send you a request fro payment if you have never used paypal. This will also allow me to expect the payment and help me build the list of those coming

---The other method being Personal Check or Money Order by Snail Mail
-------The easiest way will be for you to PM me your email address. I can then email you my home address. This again will also allow me to expect the payment and help me build the list of those coming, and to make you aware that I have received the payment.

****SCHWAG LIST!!!!!
A list of all the whos and whats that are being donated and given away to some lucky attendees of this seminar. This is an ever evolving and growing list. But here goes in no particular order.

First and foremost
---T-Nation/Biotest --- the whats here, you?ll just have to wait and see. I will just say you wont be disappointed. In the meantime take advantage of the current deals and always awesome products. http://www.t-nation.com/category.jsp?categoryID=34&pageNo=1

---Marketing Promotions http://www.print2distribution.com/
Not only a Great company but the owner is pretty cool as well. (My dad) For well anything to do with Media Including t shirts, DVD?s, etc.
The Whats. 100 Black embroidered canvas tote bags, a limited amount of which will have the T-Nation Tribal symbol embroidered on them.

---Team Staley http://www.myodynamics.com/
As always Charles, Julianne, and ALL of Team Staley were right at the forefront of jumping in to help out here. Not only with Donations but as inspiration for this seminar. THANKS!!!!!
The What = Not sure yet but if you all know these folks and how genuinely COOL they are it will prove to be AWESOME!!!

---The Hypnosis Network http://www.hypnosisnetwork.com/hypnosis/sports_bundle.php
Their products have been featured in several articles here on T-Nation including the following; http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=577059 , http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=756197 ,
The Whats: They have donated three of the Full Dr. Jack Singer's Sports Bundle, which each contain 5 total CD?s

---Steve Cotter http://www.fullkontact.com/dvd2.html
He is passing on several copies of the above Kettle Bell DVD?s as well as possible further schwag and the threat of actually coming to the seminar if his time allows.

---Mike Robertson
Aside from his presence at the seminar he has hinted at something Cool to donate. What I have no clue, hes being hush hush about it. Have to wait and see.

---Chad Waterbury http://chadwaterbury.com/
OK I can already Hear JillyBop panting and giggling behind me. Chad well needs no intro around hear.
The What: Autographed Seminar Booklet

---ISSA (International Sports Science Association) http://www.issaonline.com/downloads.cfm?ref=%24%2BRL%21SP%20%20%0A
Offering various course and certifications for trainers. More info in the link above on the varied courses
The What; They are donating full Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) course. A $595 value to some lucky attendee

--- Dave Draper - Got a yes but not sure what yet. A sample of some of there products can be seen in ?The Gear? http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=756197 To be continued.

--More to be added including stuff form the presenters and others

OK. I will update this AS soon as anything new comes up including adding to the schwag list, the schedule and topics of the presentation etc..

Lets makes this a success and show its possible for more of this type of thing in the future.



Sweet! That is one motivated start to 2006 And I happen to be back in town that weekend for ShmooCon(just a bunch or Hackers... I mean IT security specialists :wink:


Sounds like it could be a chance for hubby and I to get away for a weekend! Details ASAP please! :slight_smile:


Nice. Definitely count me in. I'm very curious to hear details soon...


Count these bones in too.


I just popped wood...I mean, I'm in...



As if I would miss this.


Ah forgot to add Schwag!!! Like Chris Mentioned T-Naton and Biotest are being their usual More than Generous AWESOME!!!! selves and will be throwing stuff at all those who attend. I am also working on getting other equipment suppliers etc. as well as the presenters giving a bit of there products.

It should make for some good things to be had.

Thats it for now. I'll keep it coming as I get it nailed down.

Pass the word. It is at the point were darn near the only thing that could make this not happen is that no one comes.



I think they should do something in Canada too, and I think Montreal would be the best place... hint hint...

It could be a vacation to Canada too...

And free Biotest and T-Nation stuff! DAMN I would so be there but I am way too farrrr.......


OK One more lil bite of the BIG OLe Samich.

The presenters.

Chris "Spill the beans" Shugart
Dave "Pop Tart" Barr
Dr "the bone Cracker" Ryan
Dan "One means One" John
Alwyn "The Evil Scott" Cosgrove

I will be nailing the other details ASAP


AWSOME!!!! THis would definaly be worth the drive!!!





Of all the contributors on T-Nation, those are honestly 5 of my favorites, so I am definitely going to this. Dr. Ryan forever holds a special place in my heart for recognizing my previous avatar as the UConn Husky. sniff I told myself I wouldn't cry...


For any out-of-towners coming down: I can probably offer crash space for at least one person, or two if you share a bed.

If you are interested, toss me a PM.


I demand a cooler nickname, dammit.

Kidding, kidding....


i'm so in.


And I'm really not Evil.

Just sadistic.
And vindictive.

And hate english people.




ps Phil ...if i dont get a spot in this i will thro my "boat anchor" through your truck windshield......
J/k.. email me, or ill see you on a sat., about details. awesome


Please count me in.

I know I've been awful about attending the DC T-Cells (been working many Saturdays, not to mention my small college football obsession), but after reading Shugart's account of the Arizona weekend, I really would hate to miss this seminar.

Looking forward to it!



Quite the trifecta! Remind me to buy you a pint early on and get on your good... no, BEST side.