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DC Stretches, How Often?


I'm an aspiring powerlifter but still want to do the DC stretches. I do upper body stuff 3 days a week, would it be too much to do the DC upper body stretches 2 of those days? What about if those training sessions are 48 hours apart?

Thanks for any feedback!


you should be fine.


We've got a DC thread for that.

You honestly want to do them 3 times a week? You got to be some sort of masochist...


hmmm good point. reminds me of this other poster who wanted to do Tabata 4 times a week. of course he had never even done it once but already decided he was up for doing it 4 times a week...lawl


I was thinking 2 times a week. I have actually tried a couple of the stretches.


New reality series concept:
Put 20 big and "badass" biker dudes, army dudes, etc. in a building together. Brutal fascia stretches every evening, those who faints or cries goes out. Start by stretching 30 sec, add by 5 sec every other day. The winner gets josh86' GF and a golden Dante statue.

For added entertainment and profit, let the viewers place some bets on how long they last.


That should be ok (we do that on the 2-way every other week after all).

I suggest you head over to intensemuscle and read the stretch stickie(s) in the Doggpound just to make sure you got them all right.

There are some alternatives there as well.

Out of curiosity, if you have 3 upper days per week... What are you doing there? Sounds like a lot of upper body work to me unless you're splitting stuff up a lot...


They're all gonna start whining about their hands going numb on the hanging lat stretch with straps lol :wink:

The hamstring stretches are the worst for me... Always had tight hammies as it is.


Fuck off the quad strech makes me look like im having a seizure while hanging onto the bar !

I'm quite sure people hang around the gym JUST waiting for me to do the stretch to piss their holes laughing.

Bloody insane stuff


Thanks for the feedback folks.

First full session of DC stretches was pretty good. My training partner who has done DC for 2 years will be back in a week so he can make sure I am in enough pain.

I think the quad stretch was the only one I didn't do correctly, I'll be working on that, oh, the delt stretch wasn't pretty, my body was spazzing out on it, haha.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I shouldn't say I have 3 upper body sessions, they are 3 total body sessions (for the next couple of weeks).

Squat 5x5
Bench recovery 3x5 light
BB Row work up to 5RM

Front squat 3x3
Bench work up to 5RM
Deadlift singles/Speed deads

Squat work up to 5RM
Bench 5x5
Rows 5x5
DB Flyes 3x8
Reverse curls 3x8


You got DB flyes in there but no military press or DB bench? :wink:

3 FB workouts, gotcha. I thought you were doing something crazy like 3 upper and 2 lower or so.


Can someone post a link to where I can see/read exactly how to do the stretches? I've searched on google and other forums and can't find any good descriptions


Have you actually read the thread?




Spoonfeeder :wink:


It took me about 5 seconds to type in IM's website, then about .2 to go to the dogg pound, and then .0000001 to find the sticky, which just happens to be at the top of the forum.

I dunno how this guy could have missed it...


Especially since I've referenced it in this very thread before.
There are also DC threads about this on just about every serious training forum, but yeah :wink:

Either way pumped, hope you're happy now you lazy little bum :slight_smile:


Did you just call me lazy?


The one Dante recommends for shoulders (using a towel or broomstick) should be done several times per week.