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DC Questions, Bring It!

Hey guys aright i know ill catch some shit for these questions blah blah but whatever.

I have been serious and extremely dedicated but now i know i can be EVEN more serious and EVEN more hardcore.

I have gotten my life in order. I am now in a strict schedule in all forms
I go to classes in the morning and than i lift.
My life revolves around this. I broke up with my bitch girlfriend who was dragging me down and now all that anger and emotion i take out in the gym.
I am 6’4 at 267 pounds around 17% body fat. 20 years old

My diet is very clean, i dont count exact but i get 6 meals daily well over 300 g protein and most my meals consist of a large amount of chicken breast, veggies and brown rice. OR a homemade protein shake, milk oatmeal 2sco massgainer 2 scoo whey and a bananna.

I woke up today and looked in the mirror and i was so pissed/pumped i want to DRASTICALLY improve my muscle mass i want people to stare when i walk in the room not only do i want to be powerful i want to look like a juggernaut. Trust me when i say i have the mindest needed.

SO is doggcrapp training the way to go? i hear this is a intense badass program for building size and strength, is this the one for me ? Truth be told for the past 2 days i have been reading everything i can find on this site and intensemuscle and still i have no f’in clue on the specifics, i have yet to see a template or exact rep/set schemes… liek i said im sure ill catch some shit for admitting that.

Bottom line i want my diet to be perfect for building mass, while LIMITING fat gain, not LOSING OR STOPPING fat, just not sloppy. I also want to know if anyone could explain thro pms or posts this routine and if it would suit my needs. I am ready to go please help me fellow T-mates.

lol what?

There’s a thread for this.

There is an entire thread here dedicated to DC. If you havent figured anything out, then you havent spent more than 2 minutes looking.

and all this time I thought DC training was in our nations capital. go figure.

You haven’t read enough if you still have no clue about DC.