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DC for Females?


Have been reading up on DC training last few days, and I'd love to try it.....would it be as effective for women as for men?

The reason I ask is that I've read before that men generally have more fast twitch fibres than women so are better suited to low rep training.....thoughts??


not to be a dick

but how much progress are you looking to make?

i mean as far as from what ive seen for natural female athletes youre gonna look the same no matter what program youre on.

women just dont have the same capacity for puttin on size naturally as men do.

thats my 2 cents.


If a hypertrophy program works for men it'll work for women. Dante has a handful(that he's posted about) of women who train DC style although some things are changed slightly to suit a womans needs.

Let me know if you need help in that regard.


A DC training woman, that's fucking HOT!




btw where do you guys find all the info on this DC style training? I may be interested in trying it at some point.


Also not to be a dick

But I'm looking to make more progress than I'd get from another system of training.


That's what I had hoped.

Could you elaborate on how DC is modified for a womans needs?



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IT'S OVER 9000


I met two ladies at a gym in southend once, they'd be DC-ing for a couple of years, and were doing very well. 3 plates per side on the squat IIRC for a few reps.


Well, this isn't all the official shit, but has a lot of good, basic info on the program.

Grab a screen name over at Intense Muscle, and then go to the "Doggpound."

Also... the "Trying DoggCrapp Training" thread here in the Bodybuilding forum is golden. I wouldn't really ask many questions about the program over at IM, though, those guys are real snarky if you haven't done your research...


Well, to be fair to the guys over at IM there are stickies that pretty much answer all of the newbie questions, and there is a DVD that you can buy which also pretty much explains the program in detail (actually there are two, but one is for the 2 way split, and the other is for the 3 way split).

You can't really blame them for getting a little annoyed having to answer the same questions ad nauseam when someone could have found the answer with very little searching.


Very true, very true. It's like when I was reading through the CFP thread... good God that was redundancy city.

But still, I always warn people when I send them to IM to simply read and not ask questions haha...


Go to the dogcrapp forums on intensemuscle.com.


is a good place to start


Then the women you see training have the same mentality and or are being trained by someone with the same mentality as you.

Not to be a dick but your whole statement is misinformed.


This is generality and your individual goals and strong/weak points would need to be taken into play but MOST women are not in rapid muscle mass accumulation mode like guys are. If you are going for say a figure model look more cardio would be done, probably the 3 way split, some different rep ranges, etc. I'd love to go into more specifics but it really depends on what you want out of it and what you need. It's not a static program... it evolves for the individual.

If you have the basic program concepts down feel free to email me and we can discuss this more, but if you are brand new to DC spend some time over at IM reading the principles and foundations before we go making your head spin.


FYI, intensemuscle.com also has a women's board with training journals.

This former figure competitor turned bodybuilder I believe uses DC and is a trainer:


Main issue I have seen in someone I know who did DC is joint injuries from lifting very heavy all the time. But it really depends on your body if it will work for you. You also need to lift with a partner some of the time because of the extreme intensity and need for spotters.


I was reading though Arnold's Encyclopedia on Modern Bodybuiding and it has a very small section for women. Arnold says he doesn't want to devote to much to females as the training for females should be exactly the same as for men except for maybe a few differences to suit their needs. He did write a small book on female training not sure if it was after or before. I flipped through it at the used book store. He was talking about things like chest exercises to keep the breasts firm and stuff like that. Seems like you are looking to do a lot more than that though.