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DC Cruising - Cardio?


I can't get a straight answer on this. During Dogg Crapp training, do you still do cardio during your cruise? And if so does he volume change?


Please read what Dante says to do during a cruise.


Obviously you haven't.




Obviously I HAVE,and he doesn't mention cardio during cruises. I think your the one who hasn't and that explains your no info full of shit answer.



I've read Dante's articles since his 2000.

He advises cardio during cruises.

Are you referring to reduction in volume of cardio or weight training. There's no reducation in sets considering you can't anyway because DC only involves one work set

What are you all mad about?


Well, during a cruise you really only follow a sort of maintenance program, I usually didn't even bother going to the gym at all for the first week.


Becauese I don't follow his works as closely as I used to, I can only go on memory. I'm POSITIVE he continues with cardio and mayhbe even adds some, while training less intensively with weights with higher reps and avoiding failure.

It's very similar to the way Dorian used to Cruise - 6 to 8 weeks all out, and then 1 or 2 weeks stopping 2 reps shy of failure without any attempt to increase weight.


Look, I'm not mad I just felt patronized. Perhaps I jumped the gun. It's just that there can be a lot of ego on these threads. I'm referring to cardio volume or is it done at all. i've done other training methods where cardio is not done during deloading, which is what I think a cruise basically is.


Ok, I'm going to give a not full of shit answer.

You are doing exactly what DC training isn't about, which is overthinking something that is pretty damn simple and looking for some set in concrete answer.

The idea of a cruise that you have to appreciate is to give your body a chance to recover, adapt, and do whatever the fuck you want to meet that end. Cardio, light weights, stretching, absolutely nothing.

I'm going to patronize you now (just to make that clear), and you seem like a beginner or someone lacking experience or just plain commonsense, as trained people can figure this shit out pretty easy.


Do it if you want, don't do it if you don't want.

Some will do more/less and some will do none.

The beautiful thing about DC(and the reason there are 100s of threads asking all kinds of questions (I know Brick loves this lol) is that it's ADAPTABLE TO THE PERSON'S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS AND GOALS. I know people want a complete A-Z on doing this and that exactly but a lot of this comes down to what you want to do and need to do. People have to use their own minds to decide how to tune the system to themselves.


See what I mean. I find it hard to take someones advice who uses someone else's pic for there avatar.


Do what you like, but his advice is solid. If you don't grasp the concept of cruisin' then you're still a beginner. And of the looks of your pics in your hub, you still are. I don't think DC is for you...


Awww, that's so cute. I would've used Cutler but since I hate him I would rather support the true winner of the Olympia this year!

I would use Waylander as my avatar, since that fucker seems to grow muscles every other post and photo lately, but that would be alot creepy.

And quite frankly, you don't seem to mean anything and just reinforces the fact you don't know shit and should leave DC training alone.


When I cruise I go for walks, and play with my ps3


Maybe I should eat more donuts. I see why you guys attack cardio questions.


Don't forget to keep breathing.