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DC Calves Protocol


Anyone else alwayssssss feel the need to pee after doing this exercise? Every single time, even if I pee just before, I feel the need to pee about 2/3 into the set and just have to go pee again when im done..

This isnt really too bodybuilding related, I guess, but just wondering.. lol



not me. Then again the DC protocol (treadmill version and normal version) didn't do anything for my calves, maybe this having to pee thing was the missing element.


Are we talking about the 15 second stretch at the bottom 15 second hold at the top, 5 second descents-thing protocol or the treadmill walking protocol ?

DC felt very diuretic for me LOL. I had to pee at least 2 times during training for some unknown reason.


Talking about the exercise with the 15 sec neg ! Not the treadmill thing

Its like it all gets compressed or something at about rep 5-6 lolll


Naw, but I do find myself planning what song carefully to listen to, as I know the one that comes next will be heard as well, haha.


Same here. Not much in the way of growth. But flat-footed calf raises with heavy weight for low reps in a Smith machine is doing great things to my calves.


Hm, do yours tend to grow well with other methods or have they been stubborn? My calves seriously haven't grown even with an increase of ~20lb of LBM :frowning: tried about everything I've heard of but I haven't tried flat footed anything, I figured the lack of the bottom half ROM wouldn't do much. Do you follow a specific rest period and tempo or any of that?


The amount of lactic acid build up is directly proportional to how badly I have to pee when I train calves. I have no idea what is up with that but it's a phenomena exclusive to calves training, haha.



Im not aloneee !!! Loll


I doesn't matter for me if I'm doing standing, seated or lying calf raises... On the end of a set I also have the urge. I always thought I was the only one too, lol.


No, they've always been stubborn little bastards. I tried many protocols over the years and results usually were 1/8 inch increases over months of effort.

But I think I'm onto something with flat-footed calf raises. I started doing them barefoot at home on my leverage squat/calf machine (at the gym I wear flat skateboard shoes) with such a heavy weight that I was forced to doing relatively low reps.
I think the heavy weight is key. If you can do more than 10 reps, the weight is too light. Also, each rep starts from all the weight resting on your heels, then you explode up and hold the contraction for 2 seconds and lower under slow control until your heels are on the ground again. Rest periods are about 30 seconds. I do 6-8 sets of these 2x per week. In all my years of lifting, I've never gotten any positive comments about my calves, but in the past month, 2 different dudes at the gym randomly told me I had good calves.


Thats awesome man, what do you they measure (do you know how much they've grown with this method)? I'll definitely give this a try when I get back to school in 2 weeks and can load up the smith machine. 30 seconds is pretty low, different than what I usually try so I'll make sure to do that as well. Is that all you do now for calves or do you do something else afterward?

I had to stop squatting because my spine is screwed and can't take the load but hopefully the smith will be different because I imagine you get up there with weights on this exercise.