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DC: Beating the Log Book!


Hey all,

I did my seventh workout under DC - the first one where I try to beat my log book.

I beat every lift in both weight AND reps except for weighted pull-ups, in which I increased weight but stayed the same in reps.

Some of my increases were somewhat dramatic considering that I was making very incremental increases in my last routine.

One thing to consider though, is that many of the lifts were new to me (reverse grip benches, close grip benches - not new, but haven't done them in awhile). Still though, it's nice to see those numbers going up!


Good job, keep it up the rest of the blast.


Thanks! Let see how I do today/tomorrow!



Mostly beat the weights tonight. On a few, I beat the reps. On calves, I made 2 sets of six - it's not the weight, it's the stretches I have a hard time enduring.


keep us updated. hoping to start it in august. whats your previous training been like?


For the last six months, it's been pretty much push/pull. I was doing flat bench, incline-or-decline,flyes, squats, shoulders, calves, tris one day and weighted pullups, hammerstrength pulls, horizontal rows, shrugs, abs.

All for sets of about 4x6. I admit it was REALLY lagging on the legs. Also, I switched upper lower for about two weeks before going into DC.

So far, I love DC - and I'm really switching up my exercises - I was really stuck in a rut.


Huh...STILL beating the logs, although usually only weight OR reps...still....it feels great to be beating the book!