DC Area Lifters

Are there any lifters on this forum that live in the DC area? If so where do you lift?

From what I can tell most of the oly lifting done in DC probably goes on in Crossfit gyms. (Balance, MPH, DCF, PCF) Any other lifting friendly gyms out there?

Whereabouts in DC do you live?

I live in Alexandria and work close by (Baileys xroads). I know crossfit gyms generally have either classes or some open lift times, but ideally I would like a place with some more open gym times to come and get my lifts done on a regular schedule inside. (Lifting outside in 102F is not fun.)

I lift in Bmore at the Merritt Downtown Athletic gym. In college park there is Steadfast Fitness but that is not a gym per say.

However take a look at this list:

-not all clubs are listed there, but if you call the ones near you they might know of others

If you make the trek out to Rockville, MD you can lift at Supreme Sports (SSPT). Its off the Twinbrook metro and a 3 min bus ride (or 20min walk) down Parklawn Dr.

I lift in DC and MD. Fred Fialco of Capital BBC (it’s on the list neospartan posted) has open gym Sundays and Wednesdays at CrossFit Bethesda.

Sundays - 12pm-1:30pm
Wednesday - 8pm-9:30pm

Great equipment too - eleiko bars, boxes. No platforms though. I lift there Wednesday nights, and it’s a good crowd of 1/2 dozen at most.

You already know about Balance. I work there and O-lift on Saturdays when possible. We’ve got a platform and kilo weights. Mike Choi has an eleiko bar locked up for Saturday sessions. Usually an 11:30am start time, but he schedules availability week by week, so sometimes he’s not there.

Assuming DCF stands for District CrossFit? And PCF for Potomac CrossFit? Anyways, check out Primal Fitness too (located right up the street from District). They have platforms, plates, and I’m assuming some good bars too. Don’t know about their practice times.

Thanks for the info. I actually contacted Fred Fialco today.

In regards to balance, if I joined that gym is it the kind of deal where I could come in during open hours and get some lifts in? And they have other bars suitable for lifting? I have been thinking of joining Balance for awhile, just rough joining a DC gym when I live and work in VA (albeit inside beltway VA not way out).

I’m also in the D.C. area, live in Clarendon (Arlington) and looking for a serious gym.