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Dbomb Dallas Velocity Diet


Hi Guys and girls
Long time lurker first time poster
T-Nation has been an amazing place to find unbelievably good information over the years
Certainly has helped me tons, Personally and as a Trainer when I was doing it.

I had seen the original Velocity diet all those years ago and i think managed one day before i called it quits. Having seen the ‘‘updated’’ version of a healthy meal daily, I have so far been able to stick to it for a full 7 days so far.

I wanted to start a log from the beginning but I was a bit worried about starting because I don’t have any of the Biotest supplements. Not sure if that messes with the legitimacy of the log.
It is purely an currency thing and how useless my country is at the moment (South Africa).

If it is still ok to post i shall continue to do so. I have found the best of what i can find here.
Have my Protein powder with ECGC, EFA’s and Amino’s , My Fat burner with All the right goodies and Fish Oils. I do feel my results would be better with what you guys sell but i do what i can…

So the reason i started this V-Diet was because my eating habits had gone completely out the window. Junk food, Frozen yoghurts, Chocolates, Cake etc mixed in with all the good foods and heavy hard lifting made me your typical big strong guy in the gym but ugly with his shirt off guy.
I had just done a stint on the cruise ships working as the personal trainer, 12 hour days with scheduled eating times with time off to go explore europe for 7 hours or so on scheduled days left me very fit without trying, eating desserts and big meals every time i could and still got shredded down to 187 lbs with abs. When i came back home i wanted to get back to my typical big guy lifting big weights look and of course going back into an environment where i could just eat and eat and eat had me balloon up to 232.32lbs before i called it quits.

The first pics i took had me wanting to vomit looking at myself. so i think i may just take some today at some point.

I am currently sitting at 217.8lbs
Waist is mainly what im looking at but i do know all my stats.
waist by bellybutton was 37 inches last week and this morning is 35 inches.
all my other measurements are either the same or only slightly smaller which i attribute mainly to less total glycogen in the muscles at this point.

My longer term goal is to compete and i am doing this to prove to myself that i can do an very strict plan still…the last time i did was in 2012 when i got very shredded , my drive being my love of my life at that point leaving me.
now my goal is to get in competitive shape to see if i do have an possibility of competing one day hopefully before i am 30 i am 28 this year.

so far it honestly has been such an easy transition. It is nice to not feel so bloated and see little changes to my body so far. I feel extremely motivated and the biggest thing is i just dont let myself lament over what im doing which makes it easy.


alright so Have been great with the cardio quickly going from 30 minutes to a full 60 minutes making sure to try keep any biking, strider ,treadmill work i do to be in the NEPA range.

So far my training has been my typical programme i do as a wannabe bodybuilder.
My energy is still great I have been using BCAAS which i find i can feel when they kick in for energy, along with my preworkout.

I took two days off of rest and only cardio 60 minutes a piece on Friday and Saturday
Today being Sunday I felt was good for a legs day.

Barbell Back Squats, I feel naturally better going all the way down than 90 degrees

worked from 60kgs to 130kgs x 05/03
then stayed at 100kgs x 10
finished with 9 sets in total

Lower back took a beating

Leg press calves raises with pause at bottom and at top for each rep
worked to the stack
9 sets total

Normally i would carry on but felt pretty finished and since this is such a severe calorie deficit diet i am playing it safe in some regards.

first day i didnt go do cardio after.


ok Yesterday was my fathers birthday
went out for breakfast i had an breakfast burrito that counted as my meal for the day
came home and there was cake but i did not have any.
Family have been good with not pushing me to have anything so that always helps.

Went and trained Chest
I work on the smith machine more than free weight for bench press
worked on heavy with 5 reps from warm up to finish
with 180kgs x 04/01
and i tried out 200kgs and managed 1 rep very chuffed with that
dropped down to 140kgs x 15 reps
then up to 160kgs x 04 noticed my performance dropped so went and did the rest of the workout with cables and pec deck.

did 40 minutes of cardio today.

This morning I woke up at 217.36lbs i know i should only measure once a week but i like to see the tiny drops happening.

will post pics today whether i like them or not haha…



Good job in taking the plunge to get back in shape.

Are you doing the Vdiet workouts, or just your own program?

I would make sure you eat a lot of veggies with your main meal or consider a greens supplement in the absence of Superfood.

I’ll be following along, good luck!




Thank you Littlesleeper for popping in.
Currently doing my own workouts, I dont rest very much in my workouts outside of when im doing my main compound movement. I do usually do quite a bit of volume too.

Yes absolutely! That is an important one to remember, I have an local ‘‘superfoods’’ supplement i take that i forgot to mention that has 24 vegetable extracts you take in a teaspoon.

Awesome man!
Today is the first day i feel comfortable in my skin again. now to just shred the body and then i’ll feel superhuman again haha.


Right on man. Looks like you have things under control!

You definitely have some solid mass there and will no doubt look much better with another 20lbs of fat shed off your frame.

EDIT: Shit, I just read that after I posted it. I hope you don’t take that as me calling you fat, it was supposed to be a compliment when I was typing it…


thanks man i sure do which i like …i like being in control of things especially in terms of nutrition and training etc.
hahaha i am fat dude its ok if i was shred or looked great i wouldnt be doing this :wink:
had a sneak peek and you have a great frame man…

did shoulders
seated db shoulder presses
worked to 40kgs x 10/10/05
6 total sets

seated side db raises
using 20kg dumbbells for 5 sets

seated overhead raises using machine 10 sets

standing btn military presses
5 sets

40 minutes
i did the strider for 40 minutes burned a supposed 538 calories.

now for my meal some good meat!


So I have been using Milk with my shakes and have just come to the realization there is
an unbelievably huge amount of sugar in it OMG!.

So Water based shakes from here on out! This mornings had the milk in it but from now on i will need to forgo the milky yumminess…

Of course this comes with making an bastardized velocity diet haha…still having 6kgs drop with all the sugar this last week just shows how out of wack i was eating before.

EDIT: I have been reading that the sugar in milk is supposedly not added but I am still going to limit it. I know one key to when i was shredded in 2012 was that i cut sugar to absolute bar minimum.


Had a terrible night of sleep managed to only sleep for 4 hours at 8 am…
i know how unbelievably bad this is for body composition and the whole system.
I also know it makes one crave carbs and boy have i craved them today, VERY keen to eat my weight in burgers and fries today but I wont.
Shaved off all my chest and abdominal man hair today just to let me see the lack of overall definition i have and i somehow just feel more closely in tune then with how my body is looking then.
Due to my lack of sleep i was posing a bit in my bathroom mirrors haha. I noticed i am getting veins over my shoulders which i have never had before and veins over both my traps. so that is indeed promising and spurs me onward.

I may go try do a bit of lax cardio tonight but i am still considering because i am hugely fatigued today.

Ended up not going to gym , slept but for two hours ugh…now its 1 AM

my measurements are
Shoulders: 57.5 inch
Arms: 18.8 inch (arm up and in flexed position but unflexed)
Chest: 51.5 inch
Waist: 35.5 inch
Upper legs: 28.5 inch (uppermost part of leg)
Calves: 16 inch (always struggled with them, but had a big 0.5 inch increase this year!!)


You’ve got a good shape already. Fifteen to twenty or so kg down and you’ll look very, very good indeed.


Thanks MarkKO! Yeah I tend to look very good at about 80-85 kilograms.

So close to Breaking my V-diet again last night cos i woke up at such an ungodly hour.
But I didn’t ,that would be defeat and i refuse to suffer the consequences of that.

So with my shitty sleep i downed my pre-workout and BCAA’s and headed out for a bit of Back.

Deadlifts working in the 5 rep range. Pretty conventional in setup I have always used a mixed grip.

60,100,180 kgs for 05
210kgs x 03/01/01 the two 1 reps came at mini rest intervals just to catch my energy and recharge my anger which has always fueled my deadlifts.

Chuffed with that. My biggest lift has been 235kgs for 01 on deadlifts but i weighed a gross out of shape 106kgs.

I wonder if you guys could shed light on why my left butt cheek always gets a sharp pain from deadlifts and how to remedy? I have always thought its sciatica and done my best to try get rid of it to no real avail. I feel like this is distracting me from pulling much bigger numbers.

Then I did Chin-ups for 5 sets at various reps with an 18kg dumbbell

smith bb rows for 5 sets

kneeling down lat pulldowns from handles in cable machine

rope pulls for the middle back for 5 sets

and came home. That is not my best workout but I also didn’t sleep right otherwise I would have done way more. T-Bar Rows, Conventional Lat pulldowns front and btn etc…


Had a sleep ,well more like passed out in the afternoon
did cardio tonight for 500 calories on the strider
I have been looking at past velocity logs especially the older ones and see that
the calories were quite a bit lower, dont get me wrong im at 1800 +/- and already feel thats too little haha
but the results the people got was pretty darn good so i am thinking of weekly dropping the calories by about 100
so week 3: 1700 week 4:1600 calories
Body seems quite happy at 217 lbs at moment and i’d prefer it not get too comfy there.


Alright so I finally crashed the last two nights and ate food…
It is funny cos i havent cheated but i have definitely not stuck to the v-diet principles.
Yesterday night i had two sandwiches with peanut butter (no added sugar) and the other i had avocado and some cheese.
Tonight i had some chips which is not so good i know.
I guess im just getting to that stage where im starving in the morning which is quite new to me cos i can usually only stomach a protein shake in the morning whether im trying to gain or lose.
I think it has been the build up of the lower calories and the hard training for the last 12 days that finally has my body saying hey! wheres the food!?

So at this point i am considering having two lean meals and then the shakes through the day to meet the same caloric requirements. I know thats not the High protein shake plan that the V-Diet is.
I will see tomorrow if i can mentally hold myself more accountable and stick to the plan, two days of ‘‘cheating’’ doesn’t have to de-rail everything. I am liking how i am starting to look in the mirror so its a hard toss up. I do not want to go back to eating 3500-5000 calories again cos i know that will make me simply fat and gross.
I am sorry to have let the plan down even for two days though. The first while was really really easy.

so yesterday came to about 3500 calories and tonight i came to 2500…


I think this is where attempting the V Diet without Biotest products comes unstuck unfortunately. It’s built around those specific products. I’m generally very skeptical of supplements and their claimed effects, but my experience of Biotest products has provided to be the exception to that rule. They work as far as I’ve experienced. Very, very well, in fact.

If you try restricting calories so significantly let alone while training hard, you’re going to crash very quickly unless your body is getting the bare minimum it needs. That’s where the Biotest stack comes in. Different story if you’re just in a deficit and manage your macros intelligently. That can be sustainable over a long period with minimal supplementation - and what supplements you do use becomes much less of a determining factor. You may want to go down that route instead.