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Dboll Cycle Only


Is it true that dbol or test-e are the only meds that help with sex drive?


Yikes, first of all best advice I can give you is a dbol only cycle is a very very poor idea please don't do it. A test-e only cycle is fine though
There are many 'meds' that help with sex drive Tadafil/Cialis is a good one :wink:
Seriously though if you mean AAS-wise, test is good but so is masteron and both together is great


Amazon sells biochemistry books.

Dont do the dbol only cycle.


Is this an American thing - the idea that Dbol only cycles are an absolute tradgedy?. Over here in the UK quite a lot of people do them as a standard first cycle for about 6-7 weeks. I am not saying they are the best possible option because they are not, but I have seen a few guys gain really well on them, and don't understand why they are seen as such a bad idea?


No. Im pretty certain their are well educated/experineced people in other parts of the world too.


Of the 3 people that I know that have done oral only 'cycles,' none of them kept 80% their gains. When I first heard of this, I thought I was in the twilight zone or something. Come to find out that most (not all) people that go the oral only route are afraid of needles. Are you fucking kidding me? You want to get all jacked, be able to lift big weights but are afraid of a little needle? Whatever.


Love ya Bonez :wink: LOL


dead on about the fear of injections. yeah I was nervous my first time...but I had made the decision and it was a matter of doing it. after my first poke that I barely felt I quickly got over the nervousness of it...not a big deal at all and if you can't overcome this fear stay natty.


Well on paper, dbol seems like the most if not the best PED ever. For strength training at least. Sucks that it doesnt work out that way. Has anyone figured out why D bol only cycles arent effective if ran for as long as a short test e cycle i.e. 8 weeks? Is it because less drugs are being ingested say 210mg of dbol (30mg/d) a week vs. 500mg test?


Dbol is great and powerful no doubt there. I usually take 40mg pre workout on training days but last week I tried an experiment with 80mg and my strength levels were noteably up for me compared to the previous week. Even I was stunned and I've been in the gear game for awhile. I tried the same thing the next day and I was getting all the cramps and probably associated with dbol, etc. Translation I found out that I cannot tolerate 80mg more than maybe once or twice a week and probably best for me to take the bigger dose on a day after a rest [no dbol] day. But sure mg for mg an argument could be made that dbol might be more effective from a certain point of view. Problem is I doubt very many people could tolerate 500mg of dbol a week whereas almost everyone could with injectable test


Hey Saps, not trying to hi jack this thread, but I was taking 40 mg of dbol on training days and then on meet day I took 80 mg, I noticed a big difference strength wise but I was cramping up. I took a bunch or taurine and water, etc but couldn't shake it. Any other advice for cramps from dbol?


Not really. 80 is obviously double of 40 and there's a reason I think you rarely see guys taking more than 50-60mg of the stuff. 80 is right on the edge of too much. I took 80 last monday and it was as I said earlier stunning. I took it Tuesday and I was all cramped up so much so I didn't really set a lot of PR's and what not. I then took 80 again Friday after a few days off and it was again ok. I still use 40mg for most days but I either want/need the boost I will use 80 but I probably wont do that more than once or twice a week now. 40 is still a decent amount for me to get something of a boost