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I have a question regarding dbol. I read somewhere I thought it was here, about a dbol cycle of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Does anyone have ant recommendation and what should i do in the off weeks an anti e? my last two cycles were a winny only. Then I did an 8 week winny/tren. gained awesome size. but I cant remember wheh I lost so much coming off. Of course on the winny only that didnt happen. The tren gave me headaches and some problems south of the border. I know there is much more bloating possible with dbol but doing wiht the 2 week cycle will that eliviate this and help conserve some size? Or, doesnt this hold water at all?

Hey bro, I’m not trying to be rude but judging by your grammar and spelling I’m assuming you first language isn’t english. Anyway, I’m just kinda curious about your reasoning behind running cycles in the manner you have been. You’re still suppressing yourself in all the cycles you’ve mentioned. Why not take the time/effort/money to put together a decent cycle train smart, eat right and put on some quality gains?

Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the grammar. Sometimes before the coffee kciks in things like that happen. I know that the cycles sound week, but (and I’m not passing the buck) they were reccomended by someone, I have known for years, who is prominent in the bodybuilding, fitness arena (at least in Ca. and who I have quite a bit of respect for. I don’t know if he’s pulling these out of his ass…or having me try the cycles to see if they work. Who knows. I’m in my forties, and have been training consistantly with weights since 1986. Save one year off due to an illness. (1989-90) I’m also but not so much anymore a professional athlete (fighter) so maybe that gives a bit more background. Indeed what I am asking is just that does it make sense, or what?

The only dbol only type cycle I would recomend would be the Morning Protocol cycle. Since testosterone is produced mainly at night time during the first few hours of sleep, you could take about 25mg of dbol every morning, JUST in the mornings! Since the halflife of oral dianabol is short, it would be out of your system by the evening, Allowing your body to continue to produce its own testosterone naturally. Also use nolvadex at 20-40mg daily with this protocol, as dbol does aromatize, and could cause suppression of your htpa via occuping the estrogen receptors. You could probably cycle this 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for a few months. I would advise you continue taking nolva on your weeks off, however I wouldn’t stay on nolva or clomid for more than 2-3 months at a time. P-22

A couple of questions:

Would adding the Nolva during a DBOL only cycle impact any of the gains you might get. Why not wait until the last day of the 2 week cycle and start the Nolva then ? You could always start earlier if needed.

Also, if you were stacking DBOL w/another base compound wouldn’t you be better of spreading the DBOL out through the day to maintain as constant a blood level as you could, especially earlier in the cycle?

If you are going 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, spreading the dbol out throughout the day will lead to supression of natural testosterone production. Adding another compound will only make this worse as that injectible will be active all the time throughout the day (depending on the halflife) whereas dbol has a halflife of only 4 hours, meaning it will be not be much on an issue in your system by evening, which is apparently when most of your testosterone is produced. Dosing this way would theoretically cause the least interference with natural testosterone production which is crucial if the drug is to be discontinued for two weeks every two weeks. If you want to stack another drug you would want to build a more traditional cycle to realize the full potential of the compounds, in which case yes, spreading the dbol out causes a more stable blood concentration.

Use of the nolvadex or clomid is required to prevent gyno and also to at least oppose negative estrogen feedback which will lessen supression of natural test production. Nolvadex also stimulates the release of GNrH which causes the relase of leutinizing hormone, which eventually translates into testosterone release. Basically it will help the boys to keep going. Clomid works the same, but nolvadex is stronger and therefore preferred. I read that nolvadex has been implicated as a carcinogen though, so as p-22 said, it is definetly not advisable to stay on it for extended periods.

dbol is not a good steroid to be taken by itself. The reason is much like anadrol the gains obtained from a heavy cycle of this drug are fleeting! The only way I would recomend cycling dbol by itself, I described above. Nolvadex and clomid do decrease Igf-1, however not using nolvadex as Justinp pointed out would interfere with the Htpa causing suppression of natural test production, which would confound the entire approach. P-22