Dbol with Test and Tren?

Do people really add dbol in with there test and tren cycle?? If so how are they?

If your running 500mg test C/week & 400 tren E/week would you drop down to 250 test when starting the dbol? I’m just curious because those two are super strong toxic missss


You could if you wanted.

but no.

Why would u add smth and drop smth? The point of adding anything is to add the total dose and potential benefits on top of what you already do.

Thats mostly on the internet. People have been using tren and dbol, and anadrol, and winstrol by the amount of grams per week, for decades.
There is no safe drug. Everything comes with a risk, but nothing is as toxic as smoking and drinking.
Im not saying its safe to take tren and dbol, im just reminding you to look at stuff in perspective. If you use internet and look up stuff, “side effects” of any thing we can eat or drink, are horrible and deadly. In real world, not that many people get those.

And my personal belief is that if you never smoked and used alcohol, if you get your 7hrs of sleep, plenty of water, and most of your food is good food, you do your cardio, monitor your organ size and blood pressure - taking tren and dbol will still make you healthier than most people who dont do the things ir mentioned.


Gotcha thanks for the reply. I drank every day for almost 2 year’s straight. Been slamming water and cranberry juice and I’m back in the gym feeling good haven’t drank in over 3 months… I was curious because your test levels will be through the roof meaning estrogen is gonna be on the rise as well… if not keeping it low pretty much wasting gear? I could be wrong

Well, the more test, the more e2 and that is normal. Why would it be wasting anything? E2 is needed for growth also. But if one gets unwanted sides, how hard is it to take a bit of anastrozole or smth like that?

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well decided to add the Dbol in and literally 2 days in lost my sex drive and left nipple is sensitive af… gonna try to get this fixed not gonna take the Dbol at all anymkre fuckt hat

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