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Dbol With Nolvadex Or Clomid?

I was wondering, if I am going to be taking D-bol 5mg, say taking no more than 4 pills daily, should I look into buying NOLVADEX or CLOMID? I may just take 3 pills daily. Whatever you all think would be the best, with any information would be helpful…

You probably wouldn’t need any with the amount your taking, but everyone will probably tell it would be stupid to at least not have some available. I wouldn’t expect any problems, but I wouldn’t really expect much in the way of strenght or mass gains either.

Nolvadex is preferred. It has a stronger affinity for the estrogen receptor. However, get whatever is easiest or cheapest. The two drugs are very similar.

A really close friend of mine, took it the same way I am going to, and he had massive gains. He never did take Nolvadex or Clomid, but he had huge gains in strength and mass. Should I just order some Nolvadex off the internet on a pretty reliable site, or visit my doctor first?