Dbol, Winstrol, Proviron, Nolvadex Cycle Info

I will take DIANABOL 10mg tab 3-4 times a day
10mg tab WINSTROL TABS. 3 tabs a day
10mg tab PROVIRON 1 tab/ day
25mg tab NOLVADEX 1 tab /day
1 3tabs/day 3tabs/day
2 3tabs/day 3tabs/day
3 4tabs/day 3tabs/day 1tab/day
4 4tabs/day 4tabs/day 1tab/day
5 4tabs/day 4tabs/day 1tab/day
6 3tabs/day 4tabs/day 1tab/day
7 5tabs/day 1tab/day
8 1tab/day

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@dt79 what do you reckon? Is this the worst we’ve ever seen?

I dunno Yogi - is it not more pills = more gains?

Can you post some progress pics up after this cycle mate?

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personally I like the occasional week of proviron thrown in every now and then. Got to keep the body guessing

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if you search “First Cycle” you should come accross many many many posts regarding Test E based first cycles with correct Ai, HCG and PCT dosing…

Oral only cycles, in my opinion, are for people who are lazy and looking for a quick fix… Or are too scared to inject.

i like how he withdrew both his posts.

also, it’s kind of funny that he didn’t come here for advice or anything, just came out with ‘I will take…’ and then a mic drop at the end. love it.

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