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Dbol/Winny PCT


I have read two different methods of PCT for a cycle of D-bol at 20mg/day and Winny at 15mg/day for 6 weeks.

Some say 3 weeks (weeks 7 - 9) of Nolva at 40mg/day week 1 and 20 mg per day the next two weeks.

Others say 20mg per day Nolva EOD throughout and then the PCT as above.

Which is the generally accepted method?



I would do method 1 and run some serious liver protectants during the cycle.


I wouldn't really worry about liver protectants as much. Of course, take them.. but in all honesty, 6 weeks of orals at a moderate/low dose isn't going to put anymore stress on you as taking a tylenol ED for a month.
And actually, Dbol and Winny are pretty synergistic. They're a good combo believe it or not. How come an all oral cycle? Not into needles? :smiley:


the other guys are right on with the PCT advice....btw, why only 15 mg/day of Winstrol?

i know there's a product called Diosterol, which is 25 mg of D-bol and 25 mg of Winni in each tablet...that might be of some interest to you, based off of your cycle.


Thanks Guys! I really appreciate the input.

I chose 15mg Winny based on a sample cycle that I read about. How much would you suggest?


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Thanks Bushidobadboy! You have been very helpful. I will bump it up to 120mg per day for the 6 weeks divided into 3 doses.

One more question, if I may. For liver protection, I was assuming that 1000mg of Milk Thistle (divided into 2 doses) would do the job. What do you think?



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