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Dbol: Week 1-4 or Week 4-8?


Pretty straightforward question. For my first cycle, will be running 8 weeks of test e and 30mg/day dbol... just wondering whether it's better to start off with the dbol or wait until week 4 for an added synergistic effect with the test.

Right now I am leaning towards week 4-8.


Both are good. If you want to discover how you respond to test e, then this is your opportunity. Hold off on the dbol until later. With the two together for your first cycle, it'll be real fuzzy as to which compound is giving effects at any given time. It will also be a let-down when you come off dbol and continue on test e. Test e alone is much more subtle than test e with some kick-ass dbol.

I would possibly stretch out the dbol run for max 6 weeks like so:

W1-8: Test E 500-600mg/w dosed 2x/w (frontloaded)
W5-10: dbol 10mg 3x/d
W1-4: Adex 0.25mg/d
W5-8: Adex .5mg/d (to counter both dbol & test aromatization)
W9-10: Adex slowly start tapering down to 0.5mg/w dosed EOD which you can continue into PCT and beyond if desired to maintain low-normal estrogen level.

W11-14: PCT ==> Nolva 4 weeks
- Wks 11-12: 20mg 2x/d
- Wks 13-14: 20mg/d

This way you get to experience how you react to test e alone for 4 weeks when it should start kicking in fully, especially if frontloaded. You also get an extra boost through the two waiting weeks while the test e level in your body drops adequately to start PCT.




perfect advice !


That is the EXACT cycle I am planning on running in a couple weeks :-D.


Sounds awesome, thanks!


Please explain what frontload means.


it means take a higher amount at the start of the cycle to achieve optimal blood levels faster

if the cycle calls for 500MG per week then take 750mg or if your greedy like me take 1000MG


That is a very crude method of frontloading. Actual math involving half life and injection frequency is used to determine accurate numbers for the frontload.

horsepuss: Do a damn search. There are more than a few threads explaining how to do a proper frontload.