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Dbol vs Superdrol Bridge


Which is the better cycle? I was thinking of doing either solo dbol or a SD bridge into something(most likely epistane). Is there a better supp to bridge into other than epi? Which are the best clones of these products? Thanks in advance.
My goals are to bulk as cleanly as possible. Since S-drol is a wet compound I will run that first for a nice gain in weight then use something to cut and harden my gains.


jesus christ


Do you have any ideas for PCT? Or even the dosages you will be taking?

Why not just go with test... if you can get dbol, you can probably get test.


PCT will be clomid at 100/50/50/50. Taking a few support supps with the PH aswell. I can easily get test but i've never pinned before and don't really have a place to put it since I don't live alone. This will be my second cycle and with a good diet I should be at my goal physique so im hoping to not have to resort to test.


"Resort to" test? LOL! Test is the first thing you should do...and should be part of every cycle.


How old are you?

I understand the not living alone thing, whether it be with your girlfriend, in a dorm, still at home, whatever... but how can you not have a place to put it? You really don't have any private space that other people do not fuck with? Even if you don't have any place off limits to the people you live with, you seriously lack the creativity to hide it?

Its not hard to hide. I know people in college, in dorms, with a room mate... and they do it(on some cycles ED shots), and the room mate never has a clue.

Test would be safer/better... and from personal experience I will say that with a 10 week cycle of test E @ 500mg per week, you will have better gains, and you will retain the gains much better than with oral only.