Dbol vs Anadrol?

Hey guys. just looking for some personal experience/ suggestions on Dbol vs Anadrol. I know they are both “wet” bulking compounds. Both oral and liver toxic. Best? Water weight ? Gaining size? Anadrol aromotise? Thanks guys

Loved dbol, haven’t tried anadrol. Anadrol has a weird gyno associated with it sometimes. But otherwise seems like a great strength enhancer. Both have big positives and similar negatives. Kind of a toss up. Dbol is known to be a “feel good” drug whereas drol has a reputation for causing some headaches and bp issues.

I, like iron, have used dbol but not anadrol.

Anadrol is one of those weird AAS’s. It’s a DHT based compound and doesn’t technically aromatize yet it runs and acts like a wet compound. It is one of those progesterone compounds like tren and deca. As a DHT it should be dry and help you cut but it absolutely helps you gain lots of wet weight. When I say wet weight I mean you get bloated or most do. I don’t remember what they originally used it for medically.

Anadrol was originally made in 50mg doses while dbol was originally made in 5mg doses yet they probably help you gain about the same net amount mg for mg.