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Dbol, Var, T3, Clen Stack. Advice?

Alright guys, im a new member and beginner. Im not a bodybuilder nor an athlete just looking for some help.

Im currently about 19stone, and not in a good way (ive let myself go) and in abit of a rush to get back in shape and also need to see results to keep up my motivation.
Currently im stacking dbol and var @ 30mg per day each along with nolva and proviron (already know im gyno prone). Aswel as this im taking t3 & clen. Also pct to follow
Reason for this stack is to mainly loose the gut and slim down whilst trying to keep and build on muscle & stamina. I dont want to be massive but want to be in shape.
My diet consists of mainly chicken, brocolli, rice and various different beans.

I guess im just wondering your guys thoughts on this and where to go from here, is my dosing okay for the results i want etc…

This is an unremittingly stupid idea. You simply cannot justify this plan when it is put under the slightest bit of scrutiny. You have asked for advice after doing the thing you shouldn’t have done. The horses are out my man, there’s no need for us to help you close the barn doors.

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